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YK Pao Students Experiencing to Learn at Moganshan

December, 2014
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yk-pao-morganshanEach year, YK Pao School’s Year 4 students embark on a trip to Moganshan, a mountain in Zhejiang Province located 200km from Shanghai. The four-day, three-night itinerary is an invaluable opportunity for students to learn about independence, creativity, resilience, and the power of teamwork, all outside the classroom. According to Pao School’s PE teacher, James Viera, who has been involved in the program for the past three years, highlights of the trip include adventure races, raft building, hikes and more.

Students participate in Adventure Races to get a feeling of where they are and explore the village areas. They learn how to use a compass for navigation and how to read a map. Students are evaluated on their teamwork – the team that works best as a team and completes the most checkpoints wins.

Students form into small groups and build rafts using string, bamboo, and tubes. After designing a model with twigs and stones, and considering factors such as floatation and speed, students construct their rafts and race each other for about 200 meters. Some rafts did capsize due to improper construction, but the water was warm so everyone still had fun!

Students also took part in an eight-hour hike. Although it was only 12km, it was still no easy task!

Students also had a chance during their trip to interact with locals and do some planting alongside farmers. Farmers would explain the purpose of planting and at what times of the year they would plant certain crops. This time, students also had a chance to pick sweet potatoes! Other highlights included a litter picking session, where students went to different areas clearing up trash, and learned the importance of caring for the environment. They also studied a bit of rope work, including doing different knots and how to get out of knots.

With the Moganshan excursion, students get a learning experience unattainable in the classroom.

In addition to testing their skills, Viera also emphasized how important it is for students to realize the potential of teamwork and accept challenges:

“We always speak about teamwork in the real world, but at Moganshan, they get to put these into practice. The trip is an excellent opportunity for them to challenge themselves in ways they never do in their daily lives, and in doing so, they realize they can achieve things they never thought possible.”


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