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WUIS Hosts Asia Pacific Chinese-English Bilingual Festival

May, 2014
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wuis-bilingual-festDuring 17 to 19 April, the Wuxi Campus of Shanghai United International School (WUIS) hosted the 2014 Asia Pacific Chinese-English Bilingual Festival. The participating schools were from Taipei, Hong Kong, Guangdong, Shanghai and Wuxi, with a total of 14 schools and 120 students. The SUIS Education Group had its Gubei, Wanyuan, Hongqiao, and Pudong campuses represented at the event.

The bilingual festival featured 4 competition categories: Bilingual Poetry Recital, Bilingual Storytelling, Bilingual Speech Presentation and Bilingual Debate. The students participated in different groups according to their ages: 11-12 years, 13-14 years, and 15 years and older. The key to success was ones’ ability to convey their speech, story or poem, or facilitate their debate in both English and Chinese. Chinese and foreign judges and school leaders co-managed the event, many of whom set an outstanding example of bilingual savvy for the students, delivering their speeches and mingling in both languages.

All participants performed very well. After several rounds of vivid competition in Bilingual Debate, the SUIS Gubei team beat Hong Kong ISF Academy in the final to win gold. The SUIS Pudong team gained the most awards of all SUIS schools, becoming another winner. WUIS won two out of three competitions and received a Special Achievement Award. In three other categories of the event, WUIS also won four awards: a Silver and a Bronze in Bilingual Poetry Recital, a Bronze in Bilingual Speech Presentation and a Bronze in Bilingual Storytelling. Through competition, the students constantly progress and promote their language skills whilst learning a lot from their peers.

After the event, the participating schools expressed their appreciation for being invited to the event. Their students learned a lot from the competition.

As co-organizer and Chairman of the Asia Pacific Chinese Teacher Association, Dr. Xiaoping Wang said: “Students were raving about the two days on the trains and flights back, and I am sure their experience in Wuxi will become a lifetime memory. You should all feel proud of having done something to promote bilingual development in this region of the world. It is a dream of millions of young people and their parents. I would also like to thank WUIS and the Xiehe Education Group for hosting the event.”



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