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Why Kindergarten?

June, 2008
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It was in 1986 when I formally had my first Kindergarten class. Five years before that, I was doing it on Sundays but it didn’t seem official then. There were 20+ of them in that classroom. They were as scared and unsure as I was. As expected, some couldn’t contain their anxiety and started the crying marathon. I wanted to wail for my mom, too, if only I wasn’t the teacher.

  I tried searching in my memory what my college professors had taught me about crying children on the first day of school. And this I tell you, there was nothing there. For a brief moment I suffered a lapse of memory; I couldn’t recall anything on classroom management.

  The three-hour period ended with no casualties. Phew! That was a relief. 照片 090

  The days passed. The children kept coming to school. At the end of the school year, they were writing their names, reading, counting, adding and even laughing at funny stories read in class. Amazing! I couldn’t even remember how we got there.

  Twenty-two years down the road, year 2008, nothing much has changed; there are still children crying on the first day of school because of too much anxiety. The only thing different is that I no longer feel like crying for my mom. I also look forward to everyday as they walk into my classroom. I look forward to the spontaneity of ideas, the unguarded outbursts of stories of what happened the day before. Some sad, some hilarious, some would make me think whether it is for real or maybe just an imagination running wild.

  Children this age do not know anything about flattery. They are what people call “WYSIWYG”—what you see, is what you get.

  For every one of the twenty-two years I had to face reactions like:

How come you do not paint your nails, Teacher? Your feet do not look as good as my mom’s.

You look great today, Teacher.

That’s a beautiful bracelet you have on!

What did you do to your hair?

Waaaaa, you look funny with that hat on!

That’s it! The hat goes. And this weekend I am going to the nail saloon to have my nails done. And the hair, this is what you call highlights.

As if that were not enough, some days would go like:

Teacher: Boys and girls, please keep your voices down.

From the back of the room—

Kindergartner: Teacher, what about the girls.

During Bible time—

T: What is an ark?

K: A house!

T: Why did God ask Noah to build an ark?

K: Because he does not have a house.

(That makes sense, don’t you think?)

Spelling Bee—

Caller: Next Speller, please. Your word is “to”.

(Caller proceeds to use it in a sentence.)

Are you going “to” the baseball game?

Speller: (Shook his head in response.)

Or sometimes this:

Kindergartner: Why are there bad guys?

Teacher: (Thinks hard. Swallows quietly.) Uhmmmm, well, uhmmm…

(Teacher needs to do her own research.)

In the middle of a cartoon movie –

Kindergartner: Is life precious?

Teacher: Yes, it is.

Another Kindergartner: No!!!!!!

Right then and there an argument ensued.

What can Teacher do?

Why Kindergarten? Well, why not!

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