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Wellington Tianjin Students Trip to Boeing Tianjin Composites

April, 2016
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Design and Technology pupils from the Senior School at Wellington College International Tianjin were delighted to visit Boeing Tianjin Composites in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

DT Teacher at Wellington, Tom Mitchell, explained why the DT Department decided to introduce their pupils to the facilities at Boeing Tianjin Composites:

“As a class group, we had prepared by looking at various different types of production – looking at case studies from Ford and Toyota, for example, in addition to learning more about how large scale production came about during the First and Second World Wars. We had spent some time looking at composite materials, not solely for GCSE revision but also in preparation for the trip to Boeing. We can now look forward to a series of follow-up classes that aim to look into more detail at how the process of composites work, and in particular the stages that materials must pass through when perfecting the final product and meeting specific standards and specifications.

“Prior to the trip, both Year 10 and 11 pupils respectively had a growing understanding of the theory of composites, but being able to see for themselves at Boeing how composite materials are used for the parts of a plane, they are in a much better, more learned position to provide real-life, practical examples. Boeing introduced us to a range of composite materials, including samples of ‘honeycore’ – a composite honeycomb structure with high specific strength as a property, as well as a hi-tech composite used for the front of the plane wing.”

In addition to a tour around the facilities, Boeing shared with the pupils some of their history and ongoing development, explaining in detail the increasing demand for planes and aviation technologies around the world – particularly in China and Korea.

Pupils were introduced to various career pathways at Boeing and beyond, and in learning more about the Dreamliner Project; for example, pupils were able to gain more insight into the aerospace sector.

“In understanding the associated complexities between composites and areas such as aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and so forth, our pupils have come to appreciate why travelling by plane is in fact considered by far a safer means of travel than traveling by either car or bus. All in all, the trip was a thoroughly enlightening and positive experience,” said Mitchell.


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