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WAB Jiashan-Jingxi Partnership Still Expanding Its Reach

November, 2015
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The Jiashan-Jingxi Project was founded by a group of Grade 8 students at Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) in response to the devastating Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. Located within the town of Huixian, Gansu, the earthquake reduced Jiashan Primary School to rubble. The students no longer had a place to learn. Through hard work and determination conveyed by these eighth graders, Jiashan Primary School was rebuilt in 2010. As a direct result, the campus now includes a basketball court and soccer field and is able to support student learning from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

wab-jiashan-china-studies-trip-097Each year, members of the Jiashan-Jingxi Partnership lead two trips to Jiashan Primary School. This year’s trips were led by Generation Three Leaders (Isaac Christiansen, Debby Chen, Camila Kochlowski and Isabella Krebs) representing Grade 10. When visiting the school, the Generation Three Leaders facilitated activities based on the trip’s predetermined theme. The fall trip was offered as a China Studies trip for Grade 10 and 11 students. The spring trip will be different. First, it occurs during regular school days, so students will have to complete homework and other schoolwork during the trip. Second, interested students must apply to the Jiashan Core Team in order to seek participation. As space is limited, members will be looking for students who show commitment and leadership skills.

During the most recent trip occurring September 21st through 25th, the theme was “The Human Body.” WAB students ran arts and crafts activities as well as outdoor physical activities to teach the Jiashan students about the body, the importance of vision, the movement of the body, what goes on inside the rib cage, and related vocabulary. In addition, students learnt a song in both English and Chinese languages that focused on the theme of the trip.

In past years, WAB supported the school with materials. WAB students donated books, stationary, outdoor equipment, iPads, projectors, and other useful school supplies. With the projector donations at the end of last year, Jiashan Primary School now meets government requirements and is no longer in need of material support.

In October of 2015, teachers from the Jiashan Primary School and other surrounding schools came to Beijing to take part in a professional development workshop that will serve to extend the relationship to the next level.

The Jiashan-Jingxi Project has transformed over the years from a connection mostly based on material support, to a personal and professional partnership. It has served to support the Jiashan Primary School and surrounding area schools with uplifting methods of learning and teaching. WAB hopes to continue this partnership and develop it to its best potential.


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