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The Twin Inventors (3rd Prize - Under 9 years)

March, 2013
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The Twin Inventors

Oodon & the Hendersons

Long ago, in 1868, there lived two brothers who were twins but they were non- identical.  They were in a happy family with their mother and father.  They lived at 960 Longstreet in Oodon.  Oodon was a city in Hingland.   Hingland had red skies, blue grass and green sun.  

The twins were called Michael and Jack Henderson.  Their father was a scientist, while he was working on an experiment, it exploded and he passed away.  So Michael and Jack too decided to be scientist to remind them of their father and follow their father’s footsteps.

One day while Michael and Jack were tidying upthe attic, they found their father’s diary lying on his desk.  The twins were very curious so they opened up the diary and found their great great grandfather’s notes and a hand-drawn treasure map of a cave in Genture Mountain in Cacafornia.   There were also pages of their father’s investigation on the location of the cave and his ideas of travelling back to 1202 to dig up the treasure map and go finding the treasure. 

As the years passed, Michael did an experiment but it exploded.  Michael’s brain was damaged so he would sometimes act weird.  He also grew a funny shaped moustache. Jack grew a hairy beard (like Mr. Twit).

One day, on a hot sunny morning, in summer. While Jack was reading the local newspaper, he suddenly got an idea, ’’ Eureka!’’ he shouted joyfully,

“Michael and I should complete Dad’s dream by searching for the treasure back in 1202!’’

He couldn’t wait to tell Michael his wonderful idea.  After wondering all day he finally found his silly brother saying to the stray cat.

“Oh! My dear cat, how could I do this to you.’’ he said softly and sadly.

“How could I abandon you, my dear beloved cat, it is all my fault!’’

Suddenly, Jack appeared from behind the door, surprised to see his silly brother kissing a stray cat.  Even though Michael was weird, Michael was Jack’s beloved brother.  Jack didn’t wait for his brother to finish his silly romantic sentence, so he just interrupted and said, “Michael, I believe that if we make a time machine and follow dad’s notes.  We can finish it in no time and we use it to travel back to 1202.  We could complete dad’s dream!’’ So they both shouted, “Hallelujah!” and did a funny little jig.


The Invention: Time Device and Rolling Wheel

Day after day, the twins spent most of their time making their invention. Their invention had two key parts: a time device and a rolling wheel.  The time device would only be activated by speed, so they needed to get on top of the highest mountain, Genture Mountain in Cacafornia to get the maximum speed.

The twins put together little pieces of metal to make the rolling wheel and the time device but the buttons for inputting time and destination on the device was made out of wood.  The rolling wheel also had two pairs of handcuffs fixed on the side and two pairs of foot paddles.  The foot paddles were used for acceleration, stopping and resting their feet.  Michael and Jack were to stand back-to-back so that they could steer the rolling wheel by moving left or right. 

The twins finished their precious time device and rolling wheel, so they started packing up a few pieces of clothing and important things like a map of Genture Mountain, underpants, water, spaghetti and Michael’s stray cat ready for the travel. 

“Would these 1868 outfits look strange back in 1202?  Or perhaps, we might be a fashion icon!!” Jack mumbled.


Cacafornia and the time travel

When Michael finished packing up his clothing for the travel, he said.

“I shall be in command and do all talking when we get there. ”I shall do everything, while you Jack, will do all the carrying and assist me.” 

The twins knew they were ready to go and time travel back to 1202 so they travelled to Cacafornia (in 1868).  They rode a horse all the way up to the top of Genture Mountain and rolled down to get speed.  Jack put his hands in the little handcuffs because he had to control the time rolling wheel to go left or right while Michael controlled the time and destination device.  When the twins were ready, Michael pressed the red button and off they went. While the twins were rolling they were very dizzy and they felt like they wanted to hurl.

The twins finally arrived at their destination feeling dizzy in 1202 on Genture Mountain and Jack said to Michael.

“Let’s go down and find out more,’’ but when the twins looked around the village, they saw signs saying ‘Olympic Games 2012’ all over the place.

Michael was very sure there was an event going on and he said to Jack.

“Bro, are you sure this is the right time?  I think in 1202, it didn’t have the Olympics because the Olympics only ran every leap year.”

“Even though you act weird but you are very good at history,” said Jack.

“I’m very sure we are not in 1202.  If we’re in a place we don’t recognise, we should ask the people who live here.” said Jack confidently.

They decided that they had to go to watch the 2012 Olympics.   They asked a famous swimmer, Stark Aqua.

“Where are you from and what is this place?”

“I am from Ausmsalia and this is Cacafornia, are you here to watch the Olympics or to ask this “interesting” question?” said Stark.

After a little while, Jack went and asked a lady shyly and politely.

“Madame, may I ask you what are those blue thigys?’’

“Excuse me, sir, they are not blue thigys, they are jeans,’’ said the lady rudely.  But they were still very confused so they asked a man.

“Excuse me, sir, what is this no button thigy?”

“Man are you insane?  This is called J-U-M-P-E-R, a jumper!’’ said the man unkindly.

The twins were bored of asking people so they got a map and compared it with the 1868 map: both maps have the Genture Mountain however, the location of the cave on the 2012 map was covered by the two famous buildings.  So the twins drove a car up to Genture Mountain and visited two famous buildings, Big Ben Boogie (a glass pyramid) and Stramel Lake.

Jack studied the map while Michael went wandering around.  After a few minutes, Jack found out that Michael was being ridiculous, stupid and children were playing with Michael’s moustache.  Jack was seeing red; he could not stand it anymore.  Jack walked across to Michael and whispering to him.

“You stupid motherhood man!’’

Michael wasn’t listening and Jack wasn’t going to give up stopping him from showing off his silly moustache.

“Are you coming here to show off your ridiculous moustache or to treasure hunt?”

While the twins were up on Genture Mountain, Michael searched high and low for the cave and the treasure map.  Finally, he found the cave, but all there were, were some animals like raccoons, rabbits, more cats (which he kept hidden in his bag) and bats in the cave.  Michael also found some rubbish like squashed cans, banana peels which people kept slipping on and some screwed up pieces paper.

But Michael still wouldn’t give up.   He climbed on top of Big Ben Boogie and he also digging down, like a dog, through the mud going deeper hoping to find the treasure.  But he didn’t, so he came out of the big hole.  He told Jack but Jack wasn’t angry instead Jack comforted him by saying.

“Don’t worry about it too much because it is not the end of the world.”

“You are right bro, it is not a big deal- after all it wasn’t our dream to look for the treasure map.” sighed Michael.


What is that Thing?

On Tuesday, while Michael and Jack were wandering around the city called Bawana.  They saw a thing that could fly and it was sooooooooo BIG “a flight”!  So the twins booked a flight and decided to go to Oodon.  When the plane was about to take off, Michael forgot to put on his seatbelt and he got hurt and the flight had to be canceled.

“I am never ever going back on that Thing!” shouted Michael.  So they went to Euro Plaza to explore: they saw escalators, elevators, TV, I-Pads and I-Phones.  The twins were fascinated by these electronic devices, so they lifted up an I-Phone. 

“Be very, very careful there, this masterpiece is too delicate and don’t break such an expensive thing made by Steve Maccarooni Delnit Jobs!!!” Michael whispered to Jack.


The Henderson Time Device

After wondering around Euro Plaza, the twins went to a store nearby called Glown Store.  They saw a large white coloured screen with a remark “the latest time device”.  Michael looked behind the machine and got an information leaflet that had the history of the two inventors of this time device.

“Holly molly out of the chokey, we are famous!” Michael shouted and laughed.

“Keep your voice down, I know you are excited about all these new things but please try and control yourself.” said Jack embarrassed.

“Jack, you and I were the two genius inventors of the time device!” Michael couldn’t control himself and his voice anymore.

“We finally did it?!” Jack said excitedly.

But suddenly Jack pressed a button on the time device and the twins heard a ghostly voice saying,  “Michael, why were you talking in your sleep.”


Michael awoke from his dream, so he realised they didn’t actually make a time device and a rolling wheel.  Jack was behind him from the time Michael was asleep and until he woke up.

A few days later, while Michael and Jack were in the pub Jack said to Michael with a grinning smile.

“Hey Mike! How about we make a time device and a rolling wheel and travel back to the future in Cacafornia?’’

Michael thought was that my dream a few days ago or was that real? …



By Adele Dang

Harrow International School Beijing 


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