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The Invaders (1st Prize, Category 1)

April, 2014
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“Well, what’s the answer?”  Not a single breathing sound could be heard from all the fourth graders as Mr Hill darted a piercing stare. 

Adem gazed out of the classroom window.  The misty spring hypnotised him into a dreamy state.  His heart suffered sudden sharp thrust by zillion daggers at the mere thought of not being able to see his dad ever again.  “I wish dad were here.” 

“Well, well, well …  Mr. Adem, could you give the class your answer?  The question was 26 x 7 + 5 – 9 / 2 equals?”   Adem snaped right back into reality when his twin sister, Anna elbowed him.

“Well …… I …  I … don’t know.” 

“You were daydreaming again, weren’t you?  Alright then, Mr. Adem, detention it will be.  After school today, see me at my office!”

The room was filled with deafening silence like as if his classmates knew how much he has gone through for the past 2 years.  Adem dropped his eyes to his feet and heaved a silent sigh. 

After school, Adem dragged his heavy feet to his math teacher’s room.

“Ah, you came, I was hoping you will not.”

“That’s okey, Mr Hill,”  Adem muttered gently.  Mr Hill gestured to a chair tucked right at the end of the room. Adem lazily placed his math homework on the washed out wooden table as he gazed outside the window.  The view of the acres of field outside of the school compound caught Adem’s eyes from where he was seated.  Time stood still for him as his mind was transported back to the happier days that he once had with his dad.  Adem could smell his dad’s favourite cologne.  The thought gave him an upturned lip, he found solace as he gentally carrassed the watch he was wearing that his father gave him shortly before his death. 

All of a sudden, Adem’s thoughts were abrupted by something he saw.  In the distance, something big and silvery fell against the clear blue sky.  The calmness on his face was wiped out in an instant. The pupils of his blue eyes dilated as he was aghast at the sight.  “It can’t be!  That’s a alien ship!” he gave out a silent cry.


As the metalic fireball streaks across the sky, it continued to descend rapidly and crashed into the horizon, so did the alarm clock on Mr Hill’s desk. 

With a grumpy look swipped all over his face, “Okay Adem, dention’s over.  Hope you have learned your lesson.  You can go home now.” 

“Sorry Mr Hill.  I won’t do it again.”

Adem dashed out of the room and headed towards the crash site.  He has never ran so fast in his entire life.  Not long after, Adem found face to face with a huge crater and inside it, was an odd sphere partially exposed that looks like a rugby ball.  Feeling hair on the back of his neck standing up, he started to inch backwards slowly, then he turned and ran for his life.  He saw Anna and his mum in the distance car who gestured him to hurry up.  Adem still in a daze, was silent throughout the journey home.

Moments later, the spaceship started to open like a morning glory.  Slowly popping out of the capsule were an army of identical aliens, reptile looking eyes of five yellow and black slanted pupils with big helmets and orange blog silhouette.  Finally, a similar but slightly bigger creature appeared and scanned the surrounding.  “Time to crush these humans!” it hollered furiously giving out a cold laugh and an evil grin. 

(In an underground facility)

“Dr Richard had concented us to do this on him.  This time the improved self-aware artificial intelligence system with a fast and efficient response to alien attack ability will be a success.” Hector placed his hand on Ramon’s shoulder, trying to pacify him. 

“Initiallizing power!”  Dylan announced over the speakers.

The crackling sound of electric machines lighted up the whole room.  Everyone in the test facility stood still, jaw gaping as it began to spring up life and took a few steps forward. 

In a far distance, more and more alien spaceship entered into the earths atmosphere.  Just then the alien alarm in the science lab went off,  “Beep!  Beep!”  


(Above ground) 

Silver streaks of lazer bolts flashed across the evening sky making anything it touches turn into fireballs.  The evening sky was heavily enveloped by tens of alien spaceships as big as a football ball.  The world went into pitched black darkness. 

Back on the ground, powerful blast from above blew everything flying through the air.  Burning buildings, cracked roads and parts of shattered cars sending debris over hundreds of yards.  Strings of huge explosion and billowing smoke and water from burst fire hydrants kept on filling the streets.

In the midst of chaos, Adem, Anna and their mother ran and took shelter with some hundreds of people in the nearest place they happen to be, The Arath Museum.  But unfortunately, it was already  invaded by the aliens who opened fire with their guns that disintegrated anything in sight.  Adem and his family scampered for safety, each to their own.   Adem barely escaped but was out in the open after the standing signboard that he hid behind vanished, making him in full view of the alien who blasted it away.  Not knowing what to do, Adem took a step back and fell through the trap floor beneath him “Aarrrrrrrghhhh!”

“Adem!!!!” squealled Anna and his mother as they watched helplessly.

Adem fell hard on his butt when he reached to the bottom.  It took a while before he slowly gain his composure and stood up, only to find himself face to face with something that was glowing – an alien! 

“Gulp!” As his heart pounded crazily and sweat profusely. 

The alien aimed his weapon at Adem and was about to blast  him to a million pieces, when all of the sudden the alien was shot with infinaty daggers and flew away from his sight.  It all happened too fast for Adem to make any sense of it.  It became harder for Adem to breath, his heart palpitated irregulary, and he trembled on his feet.  There stood infront of him,  in such bright light, a heavily armed metal looking endoskeleton of about double his height, holding a smoking gun, staring down at him. 

“Who are you?”

“Cyor, follow me.  Hurry!”

Before Cyor could leave with Adem, it was grabbed away by an alien.  Adem, covered his head, curled up into a ball and hid against the wall while the two foe went into an intense battle.    The alien managed to disintegrate part of  Cyor ’s face shield.  Moments later, in a swift, Cyor camouflaged itself and used its specially designed weaponry to blow the alien into a million pieces.


“Let’s go!” 

Adem looked and was blinded by the light coming from Cyor’s helmet.  As his pupil accommodated to the bright light, he could not believe what he saw.

“Dad, is that you”?

“Its Cyor”

“What happened to you?  We thought you were dead.”

“I am not your dad.  Scientists built a huge underground facility for scientific research to develop superhumans in anticipation of the possible alien attacks.  After the fatal accident, my body was used as part of a scientific experiment.  Parts of my damaged body were replaced with the use of cybernetic organism technology and I was later resurrected with extreme advance technology  to be known as Cyor.  I was created for one purpose, to preserve the existance of humanity and to protect The Ulti.  This is the year 3014 and human technology is far more advance than ever before.” 

“No dad, it is me, Adem.  Remember me?”  Adem wailed desparately trying to jog his father’s memory.  “You gave me this watch a day before your accident, see!”

“Adem, this is not a toy.  This is a sacret device.  Give it to me!”

“NO!  Not until you tell me what is this about dad.”

“This watch is no ordinary watch.  It is an ancient artifact that humans kept after finding it near the crash site of a large alien spaceship some 1000 years ago.  We named it TheUlti.  I am guessing that the aliens came to earth with the desire to invade earth, sieze and control of TheUlti so that they could conquere limitless galaxies.  Now the aliens want it back.”

“Do you know what powers it has?”


“How do you activate this thing?  How does it work?”

“Take it off and give it to me.”

Adem and Cyor struggled to take it off but it couldnt come off.   


The museum is falling apart.  Cyor grabbed Adem by his colar and carried him out in a hurry only to find huge destruction all around them.


“Code X recall, aliens are attacking, send me reinforcements!” could be heard by them through a nearby walky talky.  Minutes later, a troop of soldiers appeared and started to join the army on the ground to fight against the aliens. 

Adem then whisphered into his dad’s ears, “do it.”  Cyor used a catapult to cause boulders from the destroyed museum come crashing down onto the aliens.  As more and more aliens are on the ground, “Get ready for wave 3!” shouted another soldier while shooting rapidly.  Cyor took down the aliens as fast as he could to destroy the mothership but he couldn’t get close enough because of the force field around the ship pushing them back. There was battery like bombs coming down with razor wheels which created a huge crater.

“Activating pulse granades!”

They  managed to cause a slight damage to the alien mothership, but not enough to bring it down.  As Cyor kept on blasting, Adem thought of something. 

“Maybe we should just use think of how to use this device to protect mankind” Adem started to toy  with the watch nevertheless.

“No, we shouldn’t!”

“How I wish I could get on the mothership.” 

The device began to glow and unleshed a bright beam that enclosed Adem.

“Arrrrrgh!  Dad!”  Shreaked terrified Adem while turning to the devise, “What is happening?”

In a split second Adem found himself in an unfamiliar place.  After taking a quick look around, he realized he is in the mothership.  He braved himself and wondered around the ship.  Adem is like a sleath person.  He managed to sneak towards the main control room.  Strange, ghostly wailings seemed to be coming from inside.  The sounds got more intensed.  Adem pushed the hatch slightly open.  He heard the alien talking in gerberish language.

Then a larger alien, who seems to be the leader alien slamed his fist on the table.   Adem yelled “You’re dead meat alien! (while thinking of lego blocks in his head)”.  The device began to glow and unleshed a bright beam that enclosed Adem’s the whole right hand, mutating it into a big lego-like block.  Adem launched a surprised attack at another alien standing beside the leader that caused him to blacked out.  The alien leader retalitated by firing at him.  Adem defended himself with his hand and to his surprised his arm could stretch, fold and bend into just about any form, like a shape-shifter.  Adem visualized a hammer, and immediately his hand transformed into a hammer.  He charged at the leader and took him by surprised.

“You will have to hit me a millon times before I could die.”


Adem smirked and gave a final blow on all the 5 red glowing eyes.  The leader alien collapsed.  Adem wished that all of the aliens are destroyed. Finally, he activated a self-destruct bomb and wished his way out of the mothership as fast as he could.

The city was saved and everyone celebrated the victory of mankind as Adem and Cyor looked on from the top of a pile of rubble.


The End


(But back in the pile of broken spaceship, a red light could be seen glowing back on)


By Joshua Ng,

9 years, Shanghai American School - Puxi 


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