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The Happy Farmer

April, 2012
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One day there was a really happy farmer. He was called Ben. Everyday he took care of his extravagant farm, animals, and his plants.

One day, however, everything changed. All of his happiness disappeared. All of his animals were sleeping. All of his plants were dieing, and the sky appeared polluted with thick clouds and gas.

He realized that he was not as happy as he was before. When he was happy, the animals were very awake, but now they slept.

He also realized something else. He heard talking everywhere. He asked, “Is anyone around?”

There was no answer.

The farmer was furious, but also curious. He was almost going to give up and go to the police and ask for help.

Then he saw a flower that was cut in half and the thick grey clouds. The farmer was so furious. He wanted to find all of the people who were causing these problems and put them in jail.

Suddenly, he saw someone cutting one of his flowers. He realized they were trying to rob him! This robber liked to kill plans and steal them. He also liked to kill animals and take their skin and sell it.

Finally, Ben caught the robber and stopped him. He used his special monster-faced truck to catch him. Do you know why Ben’s truck is called monster-faced? This is because it can be used to scare bad people away! When he was in the truck, the robber saw him. He thought a monster was about to catch him. So, he ran away with his flower cutting knife and left the farm.

Ben called the government to complain! He asked that they do more to get people to stop polluting so the sky would be bright and blue again.

Soon, the government made a speech to everyone. Everyone began to do as the government said. The sky was not polluted anymore. Trees and plants were growing again, and the bad robber went to jail. All of the animals were awake.

Ben’s happiness came back and he began taking care of his plants and animals again.


By Yoki Mitsui,

Grade 5, SUIS Shang Yin Campus

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