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Sweet Success for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at BISS Puxi

May, 2015
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biss-puxi-charlie-2The cast of 50 children from Years 5 and 6 at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi (BISS Puxi) delighted audiences with their production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They took the audience on a journey through a world of chocolate, music and dancing – and the Hip Hop Oompa Loompas went down a treat!

Year 6 students Freyha Khogali and Carolina De Vincenzo, who played Grandpa Joe and Charlie Bucket, report on the experience and what they learned from being in a full-scale production like this one.

“When we first got the parts we did not realize how much work and effort needed to be put into the role, but as time went on we realized how well we needed to learn our lines and how not knowing them would put the scene and the other actors in trouble. We treasured the time that our teacher Miss Rakowski gave to helping us, because we all knew that she had the essential information we needed on how we were to act, where we should stand on stage and the cues we should follow to make sure the performance went perfectly. We all helped each other to keep in character throughout the rehearsals, which was difficult at first, but got easier when we became more comfortable working together.

“On the afternoon of the dress rehearsal, which we performed to some of the other primary students, we were so scared because it was our first show to a real audience who had never seen it before and we had to do it without stopping – if we did something wrong, we would have to keep going! It was a bit frustrating sometimes when people forgot their lines, mostly because there would be a little pause and we didn’t really know how to make up lines to solve it, but we all managed to pull together and act as professionals. Performing to Year 3 was a good start because they were younger and so they interrupted more with laughter and applause. However, we managed to entertain them a lot and it was a great success!

“On the night of the show, once the first scene started we calmed down and really got into our roles. Act 1 flew by and all of a sudden it was madness backstage in the interval because all the Oompa Loompas were becoming orange (or as we like to call it ‘loomparing’). It was sometimes hard not to laugh at our own jokes on stage, especially Aaron as Willy Wonka who was very funny, but we were really proud of ourselves at the end.”

Indeed everyone who participated in the show had an amazing experience and will keep it in their memories forever.


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