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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2016

May, 2016
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Summer Course of Amber Montessori School of Shanghai

Ages: 18 months – 6 years

Dates: 4 July – 26 August

Amber Montessori School of Shanghai is a professional preschool institution and a membership school certificated by AMS. The school endeavors to give children a unique experience of professional Montessori and a memorable summer. The enrollment is limited at 20 children.

Cost: Full-day program costs 12,000 RMB per month, or 3,380 RMB per week; Half-day program costs 8,600 RMB per month, or 2,380 RMB per week.

Location: 1101 Wu ding Rd Jing’an District, Shanghai or 607 West Beijing Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Tel: 021-6267 0866 or 021-5235 9722

Email: amber.montessori@amss.org.cn 

Website: www.amss.org.cn


Little Urban Center Preschool Summer Camp

Ages: 2-6 years

Dates: 4 July – 12 August (Monday to Friday)

Hours: 9:00am – 15:00pm (lunch is available upon request)

Little Urban Center is offering a six-week Preschool Summer Camp full of fun adventures and wonders.

Cost: 3,000 RMB per week per child, with discounts available for siblings and multiple week bookings

Tel: 021-5187 2889

Email: camp@thelittleurbancenter.com 


Little Scholar Academy Summer Camp

Ages: 2 – 7 years

Dates: 27 June – 19 August

Little Scholar Academy is offering a fun activity-based bilingual summer camp. Each week, there will be a Family Fun Friday to invite parents to share in the kids’ whole new world of discovery.

Costs: 4,800 RMB for 2 weeks. (LSA requires 2 weeks minimum enrollment.)

Tel: 021-3860 2211


Peekaboo Kindergarten Summer Camp

Ages: 18 months – 6 years

Dates: 4 July – 26 August (Monday to Friday)

Peekaboo Kindergarten offers a bilingual summer program (English/Chinese and French/Chinese) focusing on sports, water activities with an outside swimming pool, music and art. The program is flexible, with a registration per week or per month, half or full day.

Cost: Full-day program at 2,300 RMB/week or 8,500 RMB/month

Tel: 186 2700 3202

Email: cici@peekabooschool.com


Angels International Bilingual Kindergarten Summer Programs

Angels International Bilingual Kindergarten will offer a lineup of summer camp programs for 2016 that range from one week to eight weeks. This year’s programs are as follows:

Intensive English Camp

Ages: 4-8 years

Dates: 4 July 4 – 16 August

This 8-week program camp will be taught by Angels’ own professional foreign teachers.

Music Camp*

Ages: 4-12 years

Dates: 4 July – 29 July and 1 August – 26 August

All teachers are from Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

angels-kindergarten-summer-campSports Camp*

Ages: 4-12 years

Dates: 4 July – 15 July, 18 July – 29 July, 1 August – 12 August, and 15 August – 26 August

Courses include: Ice Skating, Martial Arts, and Swimming

Sailing Camp

Ages: 5-12 years

Dates: August 15 – August 19 (5 days and 4 nights)

Drama Camp*

Ages: 4-6 years

Dates: July 4 – July 29; August 1 – August 26

Only 40 students will be selected for this program for this 4-week program.

Public Speaking Camp*

Ages: 4-6 years

Dates: July 4 – July 15, July 18 – July 29, August 1 – August 12, August 15 – August 26

Weekly Theme Camp

Ages: 2-8 years

Dates: 4 July – 26 August

This is a 1-week program provided repeatedly during July 4 to August 26.

Dance Camp*

Ages: 2-6 years

Dates: 4 July – 29 July and 1 August – 26 August

Courses are designed to prepare students for the Chinese Dance Examination, and will be taught by professional dance teachers.

Logic Camp

Ages: 3-6 years

Dates: 4 July – 26 August

Courses include: Montessori Math, Chess, Lego, and Computer

Handcraft DIY Camp

Ages: 3-6 years

Dates: 4 July – 26 August

This is a 1-week program provided repeatedly during July 4 to August 26.

Programs with * sign will end with a showcase performance.

Tel: 021-5988 3458


SCIS Hongqiao ECE Summer Kids Camp 2016

scis-summer-campAges: Preschool - Grade 2 during the 2015-2016 school year (Date of birth ranging from 1 November, 2007 through 1 November, 2012)

Dates: 20 June – 15 July

Hours: 08:30am - 15:00pm (Full Day) or 08:30am - 12:30pm (Half Day)

Shanghai Community International School, Hongqiao ECE Campus is offering a specialized summer camp program consisting of developmentally appropriate activities, specifically designed with early learners in mind. The program includes games, sports, outdoor exploration, fun swims & water play, field trips, art, music & movement, drama, Mandarin language & culture, and free play. Children will be provided with various opportunities to work together, play, and have fun with their friends! Registration is available by 15 May, while seats are available.

Cost: 3,000 RMB/week for full-day program, or 2,000 RMB/week for half-day program, both including lunch and all summer camp activity costs. Transportation is optional, and costs 500 RMB per child per week.

Email: summeractivities.ece@scis-his.org



2016 SAS Summer Discovery Program

Ages: 3 – 18 years

sas-summer-camp-sp_fll-roboticsDates: 20 June – 5 August

Shanghai American School (SAS) Summer Program is divided into 5 sessions with each session consisting of a one-or-two-week program. The sessions are Science, LEGO Engineering, Chinese, Literacy and Sports. Courses include programs such as rocketry, mars exploration, LEGO robotics, Chinese for beginners, literacy for older students, swimming, basketball etc. Course highlights:

Extreme Rockets

Children experience the Venturi Effect as they investigate air pressure, propulsion and stabilization while building and launching their own Ares Rocket. Next, students learn about alternative fuels for rockets while building their own personalized chemical rocket.

Extreme Robotics 

Today, robots are not simply confined to the pages of science fiction. In Gizmo’s Robot Factory, children get to take a look at the exciting world of technology as they build Buggy-Bot, a unique walking robot made from K’nex.

LEGO Engineering

In the Engineering Exploration Series, kids can take the opportunity to experiment how different combinations of mechanical LEGO pieces work together to serve meaningful and creative purposes and accomplish challenges assigned by professional instructors.


The Literacy programs covers pre-K to Grade 12 and uses differentiation to allow the students to progress and engage in literacy enrichment. For older kids, the program provides critical thinking and writers workshops designed to help students with their college essays.

SAS Summer Program opens to students holding a foreign passport or for children of foreign passport holders. 

Tel: 021-6221 1445 ext. 2254

Email: Discovery@saschina.org


NAIS Pudong 2016 Summer School

Ages: 2 – 12 years

Dates: 27 June – 22 July

Hours: 09:00am – 15:00pm

Summer School 2016 at Nord Anglia International School, Pudong (NAIS Pudong) is crammed with cooperative classes through which students can gain skills via a highly multitude of fun, engaging and tasks, games, challenges and events. Qualified teachers will use the Early Years curriculum as a basis to help little learners learn new skills. Each week a new theme will be introduced and every day will be jam-packed with fun learning activities such as puppet shows, music and movement, sensory play, arts and crafts, water activities all with some underlying learning in literacy, numeracy and language. All lessons will be in English, but each class has a Chinese teaching assistant so all children will benefit.nais-camp

For children aged 5 to 12 years, each day begins with an informative lesson, highlighting new conversational structures introduced through handwriting, spelling and interactive dialogues. For the first two weeks of the Summer School, children will have the opportunity to participate in the Football Academy with a specialist football coach teaching boys and girls basic skills as well as leading them in fun games.

Cost: 4,000 RMB for 1 week, 7,000 RMB for 2 weeks, 10,000 RMB for 3 weeks, and 12,500 RMB for 4 weeks. Part weeks are available by request.

Tel: 021-5812 7455 ext. 1016

Email: summerschool@naispudong.com (Ms. Zhao Wu, Summer School Coordinator)


BISS Puxi Summer School 2016

Ages: 3 – 18 years

biss-puxi-summer-schoolDates: 5 July – 22 July

Hours: 09:00am – 15:00pm

The British International School Shanghai, Puxi (BISS Puxi) is offering three programs simultaneously this summer: one for children learning English as a second language; one for those learning Mandarin as a second language; and a new course this year - the native Mandarin course. All of these courses consist of language lessons in the morning, which will be age and level appropriate. And a range of activities will be arranged in the afternoon for children to socialize, develop confidence, and to practice their language skills.

BISS Summer School will continue to offer the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers exams this year, as well as preparing more senior students with academic English, or for their IELTS exams.

Besides native Mandarin course, another new and exciting addition this year is the option for children to take part in an intensive art course during the afternoon. These sessions will be planned and taught by specialist art teachers to help the children become more creative - a vital skill in future life.



FUN Academic Summer Program at WISS

Ages: Nursery - Grade 12

Dates: 27 June – 15 July

Hours: 09:00am – 15:00pm

Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) offers a FUN Academic Summer Program to truly meet the needs and interests of international students as they discover, inquire and create. The program provides students an enriching summer experience filled with fun, friends, adventures, challenges and learning experiences to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

wiss-summer-camp-kidsEarly Years Program for current students in Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

This program is designed with a variety of hands on activities opening up the minds of children whilst giving them a positive academic learning experience enhancing their motivation to learn, to stay curious, work together, be creative and think critically. With an emphasis on English, Math and Science skills and concepts, the curriculum also incorporates water-play, indoor swimming pool games, sports, music, dance and creative activities into its weekly schedule.

Primary Program for current students in Grades 1 – 5

This program allows students to realize their intellectual and personal potential by providing stimulating and challenging academic experiences. With an emphasis on English, Math and Science skills and concepts, the curriculum also incorporates water-play, indoor swimming pool games, sports, music, dance and creative activities into its weekly schedule.

Secondary Program English for Academic Purposes for current students in Grades 6 – 12

This program will further develop the individual needs of students to succeed in secondary, providing an opportunity for students to build English Literacy skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking. Also student Grades 9 – 12 wanting to building vocabulary and prepare for SAT and ACT tests will be engaged in a learning platform using a game-based approach. Students will also participate in physical and life skill sessions during breaks throughout the day.

Stoke City F.C. Academy for current student in Grades 1 – 10

WISS has partnered up with the oldest club in the English Premier League, Stoke City FC, to offer children the opportunity to experience top level football coaching. Technical practices will progress to situational drills, giving players a chance to practice in adapted match situations.

Cost: 7,500 RMB for 3 weeks or 6,000 RMB for 2 weeks or 3,500 RMB for 1 week. 20% discount is available to WISS families before 1 June.

Tel: 021-6976 6388 ext. 2002

Email: summer@wiss.cn


2016 Shanghai Livingston American School Summer Program

Ages: Nursery – Grade 12

livingston-summer-school-photoDates: 20 June – 11August

The classes and activities of 2016 Shanghai Livingston American School (SLAS) Summer School include ESL, Mandarin, arts & crafts, dance, drama, music, computers, cooking, swimming, and sports. Several education enrichment classes are also offered to help the students get a jump on their academic learning. This year’s theme is “Around the World in Eight Weeks”. A variety of fun, educational activities and classes will provide a wide range of both intellectual and fun experiences. Each week will focus on the culture, history, and arts of a different, fascinating country, starting with Australia, then Brazil, USA, Norway, France, Egypt, India, and finally China. On 4 July, children will celebrate the United States’ Independence Day. Full-day and half-day programs are available, and families can choose to enroll in any combination of weeks.

Tel: 021-6238 3511



Five Weeks Summer Fun at Tiny Tots International Pre-school and Kindergarten

Ages: 2 – 7 years

tiny-tots-summer-camp_1Dates: 27 June – 29 July

Hours: 09:00am – 15:30pm (full day), 09:00am – 12:30pm (half day)

Tiny Tots International Pre-School and Kindergarten will offer five weeks of summer fun where the children will try out their physical skills at a number of major motor classes including tennis, soccer, ballet, kickboxing and gymnastics. Children will also have the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as science, music, baking, theater and arts and crafts. Children aged four and older will have swimming classes at a nearby swimming pool while children aged three and under will enjoy water play on campus in inflatable kiddy pools.

Cost: Full-day program costs 15,500 RMB for 5 weeks, or 3,100 RMB per week, or 800 RMB per day. Half-day program costs 12,000 RMB for 5 weeks, or 2,400 RMB per week, or 600 RMB per day. Fees include lunch and snacks.

Tel: 021-6431 3788 (Fuxing campus)

Email: info@tinytots.com.cn (Cristina)

Tel: 021-6480 8933 (Shanghai Garden campus)

Email: tinytotssg@hotmail.com (Sarah)


Magnolia Kindergarten Summer Camp

Dates: 6 July – 19 August 19

magnolia-summer-campHours: 08:30am – 15:45pm (full day), 08:30am – 12:00pm (half day)

Summer Camp at Magnolia Kindergarten will be in French, Chinese and English. Six great themes will be explored with fun and creativity: ‘Job Around Us’ will be the main topic for 6 – 15 July; ‘Urban Art’ for 18 – 22 July; ‘Science and Inventors’ for 25 – 29 July; ‘Our Planet’ for 1 – 5 August; ‘Kingdom of Fairy Tales’ for 8 – 12 August; and ‘Animals in the Sea’ for 15 – 19 August.

Cost: Half-day program at 1,500 RMB per week, first week at 900 RMB; Full-day program at 2,300 RMB per week, first week at 1,380 RMB. Lunch and snacks and included.

To register, please contact Even at 18917076810 or contactch@magnolia-kindergarten.com or Pauline at 18964200810 or contact@magnolia-kindergarten.com


Summer Camp at Sunrise Montessori International Preschool and Kindergarten

Ages: 3-6 years

sunrise-summer-campDates: 4 July – 19 August

Hours: 08:30am – 14:30pm

The Summer Camp at Sunrise Montessori International Preschool and Kindergarten is designed to bring kids fun activities during the hot summer days. It is open for seven weeks, providing classes and activities like water fun activities, outdoor trips, classroom parties, music & movement/dance class, interactive stories, food classes, and arts & crafts/painting. Children from other schools and all nationalities are welcome to join this summer program.

Cost: Around 15,000 RMB. As the joining date is flexible, please inquire with the school directly.

Tel: 021-6466 5309



Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai Summer Camp

Ages: 18 months – 6 years

Dates: 3 July – 1 August

Hours: 09:00am – 16:00pm

The summer camp at Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai will be comprised of English cultural immersion classes in the morning and fun activities in the afternoon, including golf, cooking, reading in the library, dance, soccer, music, science, drama, pottery, arts & crafts and robot Lego. Outings and picnics will be organized once a week to places like the beach, swimming pool, forest, zoo, national park, and botanical gardens. The last Saturday of each month will be Family Day for kids.

Tel: 021-6223 8870 or 6223 8873 or 13124837953


Summer Programs at Suzhou Singapore International School

Ages: Kindergarten – Grade 10

ssis-suzhou-summer-campDates: 4 July – 29 July

Hours: 09:00am – 16:00pm

Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) will offer a variety of language and enrichment programs in its 2016 Summer Program. The languages courses will be delivered by SSIS’ fully qualified term-time teachers. The students also can use the excellent school facilities at SSIS, including a 25m indoor swimming pool, science laboratories, gymnasiums, sports fields and the media center. The summer program also includes trips to sites of interest, sports and entertainment to provide a balance.

"Learn through Play" for K-5

Younger children will have a balance of structured learning and guided play in this program. They will be introduced to the principles of the English language. Through listening, speaking, reading, writing, art projects, sports and games, the kids will develop an appreciation of the English Language.

"Education Excellence" for Grades 6-10

Education Excellence for Grades 6 to 10 is designed for English as Second Language students who want to learn English in an interactive setting. Students will engage in learning to develop their skills in reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, oral presentations and to build up their vocabulary. Through regular revision, integrated project work, group work during indoor and outdoor activities, students will engage in decision making to become independent learners. This course will help students to make the transition from a rote learner into an autonomous learner.

Cost: 11,000 RMB for early bird registration on or before 30 April; 12,000 RMB for regular registration on or before 1 June.

Tel: 0512-6258 8352

Email: summerprogramme@ssis-suzhou.net


Immersion Learning at Bright Start Academy

Ages: 2-6 years

bright-star-academy-summer-campDates: 4 July – 19 August

Bright Start Academy (BSA) summer camp is an English immersion learning and fun camp. During the 7 weeks of theme-based learning, kids will enjoy classes including Spanish, Art, Music, Library, Play and English, all in an immersion setting, which enables them to learn through kinesthetic, tactile, visual & oral teaching methods. Each Friday the campers will enjoy field trips, water play, or theme-based parties. BSA also has a bilingual camp, which is led by professional Chinese teachers with the same curriculum and schedule as the Bright Summer Camp.

Cost: 2,400-4,500 RMB for 2 weeks

Tel: 021-6451 7908



YK Pao School 2016 Summer Camps

YK Pao School continues to provide a variety of day programs and residential programs in its 2016 Summer Camp.

Day Programs (Primary Division) - Junior Chinese Summer Camp

Ages: 5-11 years (non-native Chinese-speaking students)

Dates: 27 June – 8 July (Session 1), 11 July – 22 July (Session 2)

YK Pao School’s Chinese summer programs incorporate many traditional Chinese culture elements. Campers not only learn language skills, but also discover the charm of Chinese culture in arts and sports activities. In addition to classroom teaching, students engage in exploratory learning with specially designed trips to intangible cultural heritage centers. The opportunity to interact with local students give campers the most ideal language environment to help them build confidence in applying their newly-learned language skills.

Ralph Allwood Choral Course

Ages: 8-15 years

Dates: 28 June – 4 July (Session 1), 15 July – 21 July (Session 2)

After last year’s successful collaboration, Dr. Ralph Allwood, who has led the Eton Choral Course for over 30 years, will bring the UK choral education again to Pao School’s Summer Camp this year.

Activities Camp

Ages: 5-11 years (Chinese and international students)

Dates: 27 June – 8 July (Session 1), 11 July – 22 July (Session 2)

The Activities Camp integrates Pao School’s mission of whole person education by combining interactive learning, sports and hands-on work in a fun and relaxing environment. Students also take part in specially designed excursions that give them the chance to learn through experience and play.

Summer Residential English Camp (Secondary Division)

Ages: 10-15 years (non-native English-speaking students)

Dates: 27 June – 8 July

Designed, directed and coordinated by YK Pao School’s very own English instructors, the Summer Residential English camp brings together the best of Pao School’s international education, improving student’s English language abilities through drama and performance. Classes are streamed according to students’ abilities. Afternoon activities such as sculpture-making and baking as well as sports classes including Frisbee and swimming classes help to give students an international perspective.

Residential Chinese Summer Camp

Ages: 12-15 years (Chinese and international students)

Dates: 4 July – 15 July

The Residential Chinese Summer Camp helps students achieve a comprehensive understanding of ‘The Great Tradition,’ utilizing eight categories of learning – poetry, calligraphy, painting, music, science and technology, drama, food and architecture, combined with the study of cultures around the world.

Students board at YK Pao School on-campus dormitories that are fully furnished suites with private bathrooms, each accommodating 3-4 students. Pao School’s experienced residential staff also board in campus dormitories, providing care and support to students. International catering company provides on-campus meals. Well-trained nurses and staff on campus provide 24-hour medical support.

Locations: Primary Division (20, Lane 1251 West Wuding Road, Changning District, Shanghai); Secondary Division (1800, Lane 900 North Sanxin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai)

Tel: 021-6167 1999 ext. 8306

Email: summercamp@ykpaoschool.cn


My Little Sunshine Learning Center Summer Program 2016

Ages: 1 – 6 years

my-little-sunshine-campDates: 1 July – 31 August

2016 Summer Program at My Little Sunshine Learning Center is a 9-week program filled with fun and inspirational educational experience. Kids will make great new friends and will enjoy learning through playing, singing, dancing, sensory-based arts, science, and field trips. Admissions are open for all 9 weeks or as many weeks as families like between July to August. Full-day and half-day programs are available.

Cost: For early birds before 1 May, 5,000 RMB/month for full-day program or 3,750 RMB/month for half-day program; for regular registration after 1 May, 6,000 RMB/month for full day program, or 4,500 RMB/month for half day program.

Tel: 021-3231 3388



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