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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2015

June, 2015
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2015 YK Pao School Chinese Summer Camps

Junior Chinese Camp (Day Camp, Primary Division)

Ages: 5-11 years      

Dates: 29 June - 10 July; 13 July - 24 July

Location: YK Pao School Primary Division (20, Lane 1251 West Wuding Road, Changning District, Shanghai)

ykps-campThis Chinese camp is to enhance conversational skills in Chinese, to develop the ability to read and write Chinese characters, and to enhance Chinese language proficiency via class time, role-play and engagement with native speakers. It will assign customized academic materials, such as vocabulary lists and reading materials. Chinese classes will use existing Chinese as a starting point, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Activity-based lessons and real-life learning will be carried out too, including games, drama, calligraphy, martial arts, performance, community visits, etc.

Students will be divided into six groups by age and language ability, with two language levels per group from beginner to intermediate/advanced level.

Textbooks are specially designed for the summer program and drawn from Chinese teaching materials. Curriculum is designed to expose non-native Chinese language learners to Chinese life, culture and more, while meeting various ability levels.

Email: summercamp@ykpaoschool.cn

Tel: +86-21-61671999*1*8110



Junior Choral Course at YK Pao School

Ages: 8-15 years

Dates: 27 July - 2 August

Location: YK Pao School, primary division

ykps-juniorchoralcourseDirected by Ralph Allwood, Director of the Eton Choral Courses, as well as several elite UK Choral instructors. These include the aforementioned Ralph Allwood MBE, former Eton College Director of Music and founder of the Eton Choral Course; and Martyn Ford, Head of Performing Arts at Lambrook School, Berkshire. The course will be run in English from 08:00 to 18:00 each day. This year the repertoire will include a major choral work, like Fauré’s Requiem, numbers from Leonard Bernstein’s musical West Side Story, and short works by Schubert, Schumann and Mendelssohn. Intensive training is carried out in small and large groups to improve both individual and ensemble quality. The course will culminate in a formal concert.

Email: camp-music@ykpaoschool.cn

Tel: 021-61671999-1-8109

Online Application: www.ykpaoschool.cn/junior-choral-course


2015 Summer Program at Suzhou Singapore International School

Ages: Grades 1-10 (The Grade is determined by the child’s grade level in August 2015.)

Dates: 13 July - 31 July

Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm

ssis-suzhou-summer-programme-4The Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS) Summer Program, held for the 10th time this year, aims to help non-native English speaking students to improve or strengthen their English abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing within an interactive and fun setting.

In addition to the core English courses for holistic English learning, the Summer Program aims and encourages to inspire a students interest in learning English through enrichment activities, including science, arts, cooking, theatre, sports, and other variety of activities. Full time English speaking teachers at SSIS will teach all courses and activities.

Language in Action

This program caters for students from Grades 1-5 who need extra exposure in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students will engage in language learning through a series of fun-filled activities to hone their English language skills.

Intensive English Program

This program is aimed at students from Grades 6-10 who wish to study the English Language in preparation for future English speaking academic environment.

Students will engage in learning to develop their English skills in reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, oral presentations and building up their vocabulary.

The daily schedule involves students participating in three hours of English lessons and three hours of engagement in activities such as sports, mathematics, science, cooking or swimming, etc. Learning will take place in a communicative and interactive setting.

Cost: 6,500 RMB



The Essential Learning Group 7th Annual Summer Program

Ages: All ages are welcome

Dates/hours: 22 June - 7 August; 8:30am – 12:30pm

elg-summerprogram-3The Innovative Learning Center at The Essential Learning Group (ELG) is excited to announce this year’s fun, therapy-based summer program, with a focus on developing behavioral, communication and social skills. ELG team of therapists, special educators and program facilitators work together to provide children with a structured, theme-based schedule filled with field trips, arts and crafts, therapy-based group activities, play, and social time. Children can sign up for a week at a time. Extended day option available.

Email: services@chinaelg.com

Tel: (86) 21 5206 6273



Sunrise Montessori Kindergarten Summer Camp

Ages: 3-7 years

Dates: 2 July - 21 August

sunrise-summer-campSunrise Montessori Kindergarten summer camp is an optional program for the months of July and August. The program includes water fun activity, outdoor trips, classroom parties, music & movement, interactive stories, basic food activity, and hand-manipulation and phonics for reading readiness. Non-Sunrise students are welcome to join. Flexible joining date and fees accordingly.

Cost: Around RMB 14,000 for the full camp

Email: sunik@sunriseik.com

Tel: 021-6466 5309


Dulwich College Shanghai Active Summer Camp

Ages: 5-12 years

Dates/hours: 22 June - 17 July; 9:00am – 3:00pm

dulwich-shanghai-summer-campThe Dulwich College Shanghai Active Summer Camp is centered around a range of sports, as well as regular art and craft sessions, making the most of the fantastic facilities available at the school and the newly refurbished swimming pool at the German Center, Pudong.

Activities include a daily swimming session with elite coaches, soccer, basketball, badminton, hockey, cricket, T-ball, table tennis, multi-gym sessions with experienced coaches, as well as age-appropriate art and craft activities.

This year Dulwich College Shanghai is also hoping to have Mad Science Shanghai come in to work with the older children each week.

Cost: 2,000RMB per week (Dulwich students), 2,250RMB per week (non-DCS children). Lunch is included.

Email: magan.shen@dulwich-shanghai.cn



Montessori School of Shanghai Summer Camps

Dates: 29 June – 21 August (4 sessions)

mss-summer-campThis summer, Montessori School of Shanghai (MSS) is going to provide a variety of summer camp programs with the Montessori method running through the entire curriculum.

The Summer Wonder Journey, of which every station is carefully chosen and is full of fun and imaginative stimulation, will give the children a unique summer experience.

The children will experience the fun of color, mixing different colors to make new colors. They will also have preliminary experience of graded color. Paint, crayons, and oil paint sticks will be provided for them to participate in the art activities.

“What things are magnetic? And what aren’t?” “When a toothpick is placed in the water, will it flow with a piece of cube sugar or with soap?” The children will be introduced into the science world to experience its magic and charm.

Furthermore, there will be water play, cooking, pottery and field trips etc.

The summer programs will last for eight weeks, divided into four sessions. The parents can choose freely according to their own summer schedule.

Tel: 021-5403 7699 (MSS Xuhui Campus)

Email: admission.xuhui@montessorisos.com

Tel: 021-5988 6688 (MSS Qingpu Campus)

Email: admission.qingpu@montessorisos.com


Summer Program at Shanghai American School

Ages: Kindergarten to Grade 10

Dates: 22 June - 7 August

sas-summer-camp-music-exploration-june-29-to-july-24SAS promotes life-long learning and pursues excellence in 21st century education as part of the Discovery Program. The Discovery Program will bring learning opportunities and exciting activities to the Shanghai American School (SAS) community during school holidays.

Summer Discovery enriches and supports SAS academic programs with top-quality instruction and extensive course offerings. Students learn in the safe and secure environment of SAS Puxi Campus. There are opportunities for every child to succeed and develop a passion for learning.

Summer Discovery offers courses for students who have completed kindergarten, through to Grade 10. These include science, English language development, music, Chinese language, sports training, and more!

Summer Discovery programs are open to students holding a foreign passport or the children of foreign passport holders. All programs include daily lunch, program T-shirt, backpack and program certificate.

Email: Jeff.Thompson@saschina.org



Summer Kids Camp At SCIS Hongqiao ECE Campus and Pudong Lower School

Ages: Nursery to Grade 2 during the 2014-2015 school year (Date of birth ranging from 1 Nov, 2006 through 1 Nov, 2012)

Dates: 22 June - 17 July, with flexible weekly enrollment options.

Shanghai Community International School, Hongqiao ECE Campus is offering a specialized summer camp program consisting of developmentally appropriate activities, specifically designed with the early learner in mind. The program includes games, sports, outdoor exploration, fun swims & water play, field trips, art, music & movement, drama, Mandarin language & culture, and free play. Children will be provided with various opportunities to work together, play, and have fun with their friends! 

Cost: Full-day (8:30am-3:00pm) program costs 3,000 RMB for each 1-week session. Half-day (8:30am-12:30pm) program costs 2,000 RMB for each 1-week session.

Both full-day and half-day tuition includes lunch and all Summer Camp activity costs. Transportation is optional, and costs 500 RMB/per child for each 1-week of service.

scis-ece-and-pdls-summer-camp-posterShanghai Community International School, Pudong Lower School offers an action-packed program of developmentally appropriate activities, including games, sports, outdoor play, swimming, field trips, art, music, language, Mandarin, culture, and free play. Children will have various opportunities to work together, play, and have fun with their friends!

Cost: Full-day (8:00am-3:00pm) program costs 3,000 RMB for each one week session. Half-day (8:00am-12:00pm) program costs 2,000 RMB for each one week session.

Both full-day and half-day tuition includes lunch and all activities/field trips. Transportation is optional, and costs 500 RMB/per child for each one week of service. Bus routes will be determined at the end of the registration period. 

Applications, more information, and general policies are available on SCIS website at: 

Hongqiao ECE Campus: https://hq.scis-his.net/content/summer-kids-camp 

Pudong Lower School: https://pd.scis-his.net/content/summer-camp   


A Summer of Fun and Learning at BISS Pudong

Ages: 2-12 years

Dates:  29 June - 24 July (4 weeks, Monday to Friday)

Hours: 9:00am – 3:00 pm

biss-pudong-summer-campBursting at the seams with a range of enjoyable sports, arts, crafts and conversational English classes, Summer School at The British International School Shanghai, Pudong is run by a team of qualified international school teachers. It is the perfect opportunity for children to be immersed in a fun and engaging learning environment. For those who speak English as a second language, it is an ideal way to develop English-speaking abilities. Here are the brief benefits:

Enjoy a summer of fun-filled games, activities and sports.

Develop interpersonal and collaboration skills.

Boost English speaking, spelling and writing abilities.

Learn a range of arts and crafts, model-making and design.

Take part in the Summer School Grand Concert and performance of Roald Dahl’s Cinderella.

The BISS Pudong Summer School is held at its spacious and green campus, and children have full use of the state-of-the art school facilities, including classrooms, gymnasiums, technology labs, art rooms and performance spaces.

Cost: 1 week at 3,500RMB; 2 weeks at 6,500RMB; 3 weeks at 9,000RMB; 4 weeks at 12,000RMB

Tel: 021 5812 7455 ext 1016

Email: summerschool@bisspudong.com




BISS Puxi Summer Courses for Children and Adults

The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus is offering a range of courses this summer for children and adults. The range of course offerings is wide and flexible. Fascinating special subject classes, outdoor and indoor physical activities and exciting drama productions bring groups of students together in many different ways.

For more information about any of the camps at BISS Puxi this summer, visit: www.bisspuxi.com/summerschool2015

Language Programs in English and Mandarin For Children and Adults

Dates: 29 June - 17 July, Monday to Friday

Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm

biss-puxi-summer-school-20141For children, there are English and Mandarin programs offered in the morning followed by opportunities for the students to socialize, develop confidence and practice their speaking and listening skills, through a range of sports, arts and crafts and film making in the afternoons.

For younger children (aged 3-6) the English and Mandarin language programs will be based around the theme of ‘Heroes and Heroines’.

Students aged 7-12 studying English will prepare for the Cambridge University Young Learner English exams. The school is an accredited exam centre and as such students will have the opportunity to take the exam in the last week of the course.

For those older students aged 13-18, there will be English for Academic Purpose courses, as well as general English and IELTS exams preparation and practice.

For students studying Mandarin as a second language there will be stimulating topic-based learning, role-play and different practicing techniques, with appropriate targeted activities for the different age groups and abilities.

Cost (English Courses for students): RMB 6,850 for 10-day course or RMB 10,050 for 15-day course


Language Programs in English and Mandarin For Adults

Dates: 29 June - 17 July, Monday to Friday

Hours: 1:00pm – 3:00pm (English Course); 9:00am – 3:00pm (Chinese Language and Culture Course)

For the first time this year The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus will also offer courses for adult learners through the Mums and Dads (MAD!) English & Mandarin Adult Afternoon Course. You will improve your language skills, learn new grammar, functions and vocabulary and take part in fun role-plays and stimulating conversations.

The course is two hours daily and will give adults of different abilities the opportunity to improve their English or Mandarin language skills. The lessons are taught by staff from BISS Puxi’s Modern Foreign Languages department.

Cost (Adult English Course): RMB 3,850 for 10-day course or RMB 5,500 for 15-day course.

Cost (Chinese Language and Culture Course): RMB 4,500 for 10-day course or RMB 6,500 for 15-day course


Manchester United Soccer Schools Camp

Dates: 27 - 29 June at BISS Puxi; 1 - 3 July at BISS Pudong

Building on the huge success of the Manchester United Soccer School programs globally, MUSS will deliver three-day player development soccer camps at the BISS campuses in Puxi and Pudong this summer. Manchester United’s dedication to youth development runs throughout the whole club. From the first team to the Academy teams to the Manchester United Soccer Schools, all the coaching staff at Manchester United share the same vision – to coach players to produce high quality attacking and exciting football.


CETA - BISCAP Summer Camps 

Dates: 29 June - 14 August

Develop friendships, discover talents and explore new experiences. The CETA-BISCAP Summer Camps operate independently from the BISS Puxi summer language courses and offer young students the opportunity to take part in a range of fun-packed activities. Whether you want to take up a new sport or train to a higher level, the CETA-BISCAP camps have an active option for young people of all abilities.

Children can choose from the Fun Sport Camps which allow young students to learn new skills across a range of sports and other activities in a relaxed environment, or the tennis, swimming and soccer camps, providing young players with the opportunity to improve their game and make new friends.

Cost: RMB 2,580 for non-BISS students; 10% discount off the total price for BISS students Puxi and Pudong. Price includes daily lunch, snacks and drinks.

Email: camilo.scaff@cetatennis.com


2015 AKS & CCS Summer Camp

Ages: 4-12 years

Dates: 22 June - 21 August (9 weeks)

Community Center Shanghai (CCS) and Active Kids Shanghai (AKS) are working together to offer a strong assortment of activities and sports, and also incorporate character building to inspire ‘Kindness’ with weekly themes focusing on Caring, Fairness, Gratitude, Helpfulness, Honesty, Respect and more. Your kids will not be disappointed, with something for everyone – from soccer and swimming to dance, fun Chinese and cake decorating.

Cost: Early bird fee at 2,300RMB/week; regular fee at 2,500RMB/week; half-day morning fee at 1,400RMB/week

Location: Ambassy Club, 588 Hongfeng Lu (Near Mingyue Lu), Pudong

Email: pudongclass@communitycenter.cn

Tel: 021-3382 1770



CCS-SECA Elite Sports Summer Camp

Dates: 6 July - 21 August (7 weeks, Monday to Friday)

Hours: 9:30am – 3:30pm

Community Center Shanghai (CCS) and SECA Academy have come together to bring you an exciting sports camp, where experienced international teachers will nurture and inspire your children’s potential and talent. This Summer Camp highlights a well-rounded approach towards your child’s development. Elite sports such as fencing, squash and Muay Thai are featured in this camp, as well as fun Chinese and art classes.

Cost: Early Bird Fee at 2,100RMB per week; regular fee at 2,300RMB per week (all materials and lunch are included); half-day (A.M.) fee at 1,300RMB (lunch included)

Location: SECA Academy, 2F, 1089 Chuan Qiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Email: Pudongprogram@communitycenter.cn

Tel: 021-3382 1770 ext 204


WISS Funtastic Summer School 2015

Ages: Pre-Nursery (3 years by September 2015) to Grade 10

Dates/hours: 29 June - 17 July (3 weeks); 9:00am – 3:00pm

WISS Summer School offers students an enriching three-week summer experience filled with fun, new friends, new cultures, new adventures, challenges and experiences, further developing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

wiss-summer-schoolWISS FUNtastic Summer School Program has been successful in bringing students ages 3-16 from other schools in Shanghai as well as students visiting Shanghai for the summer, together with WISS students to create a dynamic international learning environment.

WISS Summer School offers FUN Academic Programs and Afternoon Challenge Activities for Nursery to Grade 10, as well as Interest Programs for students Grades 3 to 10.

WISS FUN Academic Program is an enrichment program designed to meet the needs and interests of all students as they discover, inquire and create. Students have fun as they explore new experiences, broaden their interests and further develop their skills.

The morning curriculum provides stimulating learning experiences with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and science skills and concepts. Grade level classes and low student-teacher ratio allow students to realize their intellectual and personal potential.

After lunch students attend Afternoon Challenge Activities which provide students an opportunity to explore new experiences, broadening their interests and further developing their skills. Students may choose daily a ‘Challenge Activity’ of interest for the entire week. Water-play, swimming, art, music, soccer, Lego exploration, multi-sports such as badminton, basketball, movie making and English Fundamentals Programs are available for Grades 3 to 10.

There are also Interest Programs for students Grades 3-10. Students can select two programs of their interest from movie making, video game design, English Fundamentals Enrichment, basketball camp and Afternoon Challenge Activities.

Cost: 3,000 RMB for 1 week; 5,000 RMB for 2 weeks; 6,500 RMB for 3 weeks

20% discount for WISS families and returning WISS Summer School students.

Location: Western International School of Shanghai, 555 Lianmin Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201702

Email: summer@wiss.cn



New York Film Academy Intensive Course at WISS

Ages: 10-17 years

Dates: 29 June - 17 July

nyfa-at-wissNew York Film Academy (NYFA) instructors run a three-week intensive film course for 10-to-17-year-olds at Western International School of Shanghai (WISS). The course is designed for people with little or no experience in making films. Anyone can register if they are within that age range and have enough English to access the curriculum. The programs focus on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enable the participants to direct their own projects. The program requires each student to write, shoot, direct and edit films. Each weekday is split between in class instruction and on-site production, and the subjects are taught to be of immediate and practical use in an integrated curriculum. Each day, students apply the lessons learned directly to the films they are making.

Cost: 21,000 RMB

Email: nyfa@wiss.cn



Travel Around the World at LUC Summer Camp

Ages: 2-6 years

Dates: 29 June - 14 August; Monday to Friday

Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm

This summer Little Urban Centre Pre-School will take the children travel around the world during its 7-week summer camp, from Asia to Africa, then Europe, Antarctica, North America, South America and Oceania. Each week, children will learn and experience culture of the new continent through fun activities including English, dance, sport, music, art and crafts, games and cooking..

Cost: 2,500 RMB per week (discount available)

Location: Building 233, 779 Fangdian Road, Pudong, Shanghai 201204

Tel: 021-5187 2889



Magnolia Kindergarten Summer Camp 2015

Ages: 2-6 years

Dates: 1 July – 14 August, Monday to Friday (7 weeks)

Hours: 8:30am – 12:00pm (half-day) or 8:30am – 15:30pm (full-day)

7 weeks, 7 great topics will be explored with fun and creativity all along summer at Magnolia Kindergarten. The main topic for the first week is ‘Animals of the Sea’; the second week’s topic is ‘My Earth, My World’; in the third week children will experience ‘Olympic Games – Sports around the World’; then they will learn about ‘Theatre, Acting and Puppet’. The following three weeks will be ‘Cooking & Healthy Food’, “Constructions & Park’ as well as ‘Gardening’. Once a week kids will enjoy a field trip (only kids from 3 years old) or a show at Magnolia Kindergarten. Summer camp will be in French, Chinese and English.

Cost: Half-day (lunch and snacks included) at 1,200 RMB/week, first week at 720 RMB; full-day at 1,800 RMB/week, first week at 1,080 RMB.

To register, please contact:

Even: 189 1707 6810 or contactch@magnolia-kindergarten.com

Pauline: 189 6420 0810 or contact@magnolia-kindergarten.com

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