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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2014

June, 2014

WISS Summer School 2014

Dates: June 30-July 11

The two-week WISS summer school offers a unique opportunity for students to further their studies and to explore their passions and interests.

Academic Summer School for Nursery to Grade 7

Designed to enrich and complement the core curriculum, the Academic Summer Programme for Nursery to Grade 7 is an enrichment programme focusing on Literacy and Numeracy skills and concepts. The programme is age-level based, with a daily 30-minute Chinese lesson for all levels along with 90 minutes of outdoor water play and physical activities in the afternoons.

Stoke City FC Football Camp (Grades 1 to 9)

Players will be split into age groups to ensure that everyone plays at an appropriate level. Age groups will be decided when numbers are confirmed. With a new learning focus each day, players learn new skills throughout the week. Technical practices will progress to situational drills, giving players a chance to practice in adapted match situations. At the end of each day players will get the opportunity to test their new skills in small-sided matches. Each day players will enjoy a fun swimming session to provide a refreshing break from the hot summer in Shanghai.

These programmes are open to both students from WISS and non-WISS students.

Fees: 3,000 RMB for 1 week or 5,000 RMB for 2 weeks

Tel: +86 (21) 6976 6388

Email: summer@wiss.cn


Tiny Tots Summer School

Dates: June 23-July 25

Tiny Tots International Kindergarten will offer five weeks of summer fun for children from 2 to 7 years of age. Camp activities include swimming, water play, tennis, soccer, ballet, kickboxing, gymnastics, science, music, computer, arts and crafts and weekly field trips.

Fees: Half-day (9am – 12:30pm) and full-day (9am – 3:30pm) programs are available. Payment can be made for the entire 5 weeks (Full Day at 15,500 RMB, Half Day at 12,000 RMB), per week (Full Day at 3,100 RMB, Half Day at 2,400 RMB) or even per day (Full Day at 800 RMB, Half Day at 600 RMB). Fees include lunch and snacks.

Contact Beth (info@tinytots.com.cn) at +86 (21) 6431 3788 at the Fuxing campus, or Sarah (tinytotssg@hotmail.com) at +86 (21) 6480 8933 at the Shanghai Garden campus.


Summer School at BISS Puxi

Ages: 3-18 years

Dates: June 30-July 18

There will be two programs running simultaneously: one for children learning English as a second language and one for those learning Mandarin as a second language. Both of these courses will consist of age and level appropriate language lessons in the morning and a range of fun and varied activities in the afternoon.

Depending on their level, students studying English will also be preparing for Cambridge University’s lower suite of English Language exams, as the British International School Shanghai, Puxi campus is an authorized testing centre.

The afternoon activity sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for children to socialize, develop confidence and practice their language skills through activities such as sports, arts and crafts and film making. There will also be some off-site trips with an educational theme.

The deadline for applications is Friday 13 June and if you sign up and pay fees prior to 16 May 2014, the registration fee of 500 RMB will be waived.

English Course Fee: 6,850 RMB /10,050 RMB (10/15 day course)

Chinese Language and Culture Course Fee: 4,500 RMB / 6,500 RMB (10/15 day course)

Tel: +86 (21) 5226 3211 ext. 1800

Email: summerschool@bisspuxi.com

Web: www.bisspuxi.com


Montessori School of Shanghai Summer Program

Ages: 3-6 years

Dates: June 23-July 4; July 7-July 18; July 21-August 1; August 4-August 15 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 3:30pm)

In this summer program, Montessori School of Shanghai (MSS) will hold a series of themed activities on “beautiful Planet Earth.” The children will learn that we are all living on the Earth that is our home and we should love and protect it. The activities cover language, science, art and math, as well as a broad range of topics including tropical forests, sea, water and soil. Through various scientific experiments, the children will learn about the nature of water, water resources and the relationship of water with human beings, animals and plants. They will also experience recycling and environmental protection in art projects such as brush painting, blow ink painting and tracing.

They will not only learn how to protect the earth, but also how to protect themselves. Teaching materials will be used to stimulate the children to think about how to escape and save themselves in various circumstances such as earthquakes, fire, crossing the street or meeting strangers. The discussion on self-protection with the teacher will increase their awareness of safety.

MSS has also carefully designed age-appropriate, safe and valuable social activities. The children will gain unlimited wisdom within a limited timeframe. The social activities include visiting the Shanghai Aquarium, which will arouse the children’s interest in discovering the secrets of the sea, and visiting the Children’s Museum, which helps them to appreciate the variety of the world.

Tel: +86 (21) 5988 6688 (MSS Qingpu Campus), +86 (21) 5403 7699 (MSS Xuhui Campus)

E-mail: admission.xuhui@montessorisos.com or admission.qingpu@montessorisos.com

Web: www.montessorisos.com


SSIS Junior Golf Summer Camp

Ages: 8 years and up

The Shanghai Singapore International School is excited to offer students a summer school program aimed to help grow and develop their golfing skills. The program includes technical golf coaching, video analysis, skill testing and on course sessions instructed by a PGA professional and fully qualified golf instructor. Individual improvements are monitored through swing analysis software, technical golf coaching, skills testing and on course sessions. Students will receive 4 days of technical training at Shanghai Singapore International School and play a 9-hole course for one day at Sun Island International Golf Club. All lessons will be conducted in English.

Fees: 2,000 RMB for SSIS Students and 3,000 RMB for non-SSIS Students.

Tel: +86 (21) 6221 9288

Email: allan_court@ssis.asia


Sunrise Montessori Kindergarten Summer School

Ages: 16 months-7 years

Dates: July 3-16; July 17-31; August 1-15; August 8-22

This is an optional program for the months of July and August. The program includes water fun activity, outdoor trips, classroom parties, music & movement, interactive stories, basic food activity, Montessori activities and phonics for reading readiness. Children from other schools and all nationalities are welcome to join the summer program. Sunrise will accept summer camp registration beginning from 19 May onwards.

Fees: full summer school program at 13,559 RMB plus food fee at 304 RMB; transportation fee (optional) at 1,350 RMB/month

Tel: +86 (21) 6466 5309

Email: sunik@sunriseik.com


The Child Academy Summer Camp

Dates: July 30-August 22

The Child Academy Summer Camp will feature a bilingual, interactive and fun-filled summer adventure for children.

The eight weekly themes will be At the Beach, Going Camping, At the Zoo, The Museum, Water Sports, At the Circus, At the Aquarium and Going to the Cottage. The flexible schedule allows for half -day or full-day participation on a weekly basis.

Reserve now as space is limited at our German Center Campus located in Zhangjiang, Pudong (just minutes away from Kerry Parkside ).

Tel: +86 (21) 2898 6828

Email: info@thechildacademy.com

Web: www.thechildacademy.com


LAS Summer School Enrichment Program

Ages: 2-5 years, Grades 1-5; and Grades 6-12

Dates:  June 16-July 11 (session 1); July 14-August 7 (session 2)  

Join Livingston American Enrichment Program for a fun-filled time this summer. This year’s summer enrichment program’s theme is “Let’s Go to the Zoo.” 

The Early Years program is child centered and offers an American-based curriculum with emphasis in English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students in Grades 1 to 5 are grouped based on their English level; a placement test is available if necessary. The summer program helps kids stay engaged during summer by reinforcing and adding to their knowledge. All instructors are trained to lead courses in language development, building literacy, art, music, science, math, computer skills and physical education.

Families can enroll their children for half-day or full-day sessions of the programs, depending on the number of classes selected. 

Final deadline is May 30th for a seat guaranteed on the bus. 

Web: www.laschina.org/summer-school/


Fun-filled Summer Camp at Little Scholar Academy

Ages: 2-6 years

Dates: June 23-August 15 (8:15 am – 3:15 pm or 8:15 am – 12:15 pm)

The play-based, creative and stimulating summer program features art, cooking, gardening, LEGO, math, outdoor games, science experiments, water play and family-fun Fridays. All of these great activities will be spread over a variety of imaginative themes including Camping, Castles, Pirates, Robots, Superheroes and much more! Little Scholar Academy even provides a bus service for added convenience.

Fees: 4,000 RMB per 2 weeks (Full Day); 3,000 RMB per 2 weeks (Half Day)

Tel: +86 (21) 3860 2211

Email: info@scholaracademy.org


Fortune Hongqiao Kindergarten Summer Camp

Dates: July 1-July 15; July 17-31 (8:30 am – 3:30 pm; Monday-Friday)

Fortune Hongqiao Kindergarten welcomes children to join in its two summer programs in July. The first program – Summer in Shanghai – will focus on elements of Chinese culture and will give the children opportunities to know their city during the hot summer days. The second one, themed as Underwater World, will focus on the ocean and all of its amazing creatures. There will also be music, art, sports and water play, as well as plenty of language learning as part of the children’s camp experience.

Fees: 3,675 RMB

Email: annamiao@fkis.com.cn or cristinarosca@fkis.com.cn

Web: www.fkis.com.cn


CSU Youth Summer Sports Camps at Britannica

Enjoy a week full of fun, sports, top coaches and free gifts!

At the CSU Youth Summer Camps at Britannica International School this summer, students will make Chinese and international friends, enjoy on- and off-court activities and game skills! Special guests, workshops and world-class training programs are available. Top coaches include a Spanish former professional basketball coach, a NBA/CBA star player, a national team swim coach from South America and several others. All classes are taught in English, with Chinese assistants on site. At the end of the camp each student will get an official certificate!

Tel: +86 (21) 6199 4816

Email: info@shanghaisportsunited.com

Web: www.shanghaisportsunited.com


International Summer School at BISS Pudong

Ages: 2-12 years

Language, culture and activities courses will be run for young learners by a team of experienced teachers at the Pudong Campus of the British International School Shanghai. Language options on offer include English, Mandarin and English as an Additional Language. Sports activities, arts and crafts, music and drama will all feature in the jam-packed timetable with swimming every day and optional martial arts (Taekwondo) lessons.

Email: summerschool@bisspudong.com

Web: www.bisspudong.com/summerschool


Angels International Bilingual Kindergarten Summer Camp 2014

Ages: Toddler-K2

Dates: June 30-August 22 (8:30 am – 4:30 pm)

Angels Kindergarten invites all children to join the team to explore the world and all the exciting things it has to offer. From the tropical rainforest of Guatemala with its humid weather and diverse range of animals, to the bleak cold of the Antarctic where we can meet polar bears and learn how to dress properly for cold weather.

Each week will consist of lessons with art, drama, indoor roller blading, cooking, English, math, science, Chinese and more! Each class will also follow a story about different famous explorers from around the world, such as Scott of the Antarctic, Dora the Explorer, and more. Each student will be equipped with their scrapbook, where they will keep records of their journey and what they learn along the way.

For each destination visited, students will learn about the weather types, clothing, animals, food and the people who live there and their cultures.

Fees: 1,650-2,800 RMB/week

Email: admissions@angels.org.cn

Tel: +86 (21) 5988 3458 (Zholl Tablante or Judy Jiang)


Bright Reading Camp

Ages: 2-6 years

Dates: Jun 30-July 11; July 14-July 25; July 28-August 8; August 11-August 22

Bright Reading Camp is an English immersion learning & fun camp including 4 sessions in 8 weeks. BSA Principal Janice Sigrist chooses a variety of classical picture books based on each week’s theme.

Bright Reading Camp has native English leading teachers and professional Chinese teachers. Our campers are NOT just learning English, they are learning IN English.

Janice Sigrist is famous for her storytelling; she chooses great picture books for campers, telling them stories through English songs, games and activities. The little campers will fall in love with these books and learn to love reading.

The thematic units for sessions are Animals, Transportation, Food and Dinosaurs. Using these themes, the little campers will learn through kinesthetic, tactile, visual and oral methods. Learning is so much fun!

There is 1 swimming class every week and 1 field trip every session. Our little campers will enjoy these experiences, and this will be a fun and educational summer!

BSA also has bilingual camp that is led by professional Chinese teachers with the same curriculum and schedule as the Bright Reading Camp.

Fees for Reading Camp: 4,800 RMB (1 session) or 15,500 RMB for 4 sessions

Fees for Bilingual Camp: 2,500 RMB for 1 session or 9,750 RMB for 4 sessions


Summer School opportunities at Concordia

Ages: 5-12 years

Dates: June 16- July 18

Concordia International School will offer a variety of courses for students entering Grades 5 to 12. This year, Concordia has formed partnerships with programs like New York Film Academy, Pinghe International School on a Chinese language program and New Pathways on SAT prep courses, on offer alongside Concordia’s hallmark SAT Prep Course. Besides the SAT prep courses and film classes offered by the New York Film Academy, additional classes will include drama, leadership and writing. The goal is to provide academic courses, fun experiences and simulation projects to students in the community.

Concordia International School high school teacher Gloria Chandler will once again offer the very popular SAT Prep Course.

It is time to register for the Summer SAT Prep Course and the Grades 6 and 7 SAT Skills Review Class, scheduled to run for two weeks immediately following the close of the school year from June 16 to June 27. All High School students may register to take the SAT Prep Course as well as current Grade 8 students (entering High School in fall 2014). For current Grade 6 and 7 students, a special SAT Skills Review class has been designed to help Middle School students develop the skills needed on the SAT and for classroom success. Please register early to ensure student placement! Registration forms can be found on Concordia’s website.

Email: summerschool@concordiashanghai.org

Web: www.concordiashanghai.org/academics/summer-learning


Hongqiao International School Summer Program

Ages: 2 years to Grade 6

Dates: June 13-June 27; June 30-July 4; July 7-July 11; July 14-July 18 (9am – 3pm)

At Hongqiao International School (Rainbow Bridge International School), summer school is a time for children to learn and grow together in a friendly and enjoyable setting. Summer school activities provide students with opportunities to develop their creativity, peer-to-peer relationships and self-expression. A balance of creative studies and active play is a key component of the HQIS summer school program.

Each student participates in a variety of daily activities that encourage exploratory learning and discovery. Summer school is taught by HQIS-RBIS Chinese teachers who are knowledgeable instructors that realize learning is fun and children learn best when they are engaged and motivated. The weekly lessons are filled with concepts that activate student interest and generate a curious, inquisitive mind.

Students will attend daily Chinese classes that introduce them to conversational dialogue, the written language and various aspects of Chinese culture. The zoo offers a unique opportunity for students to explore and expand their knowledge of animals and their habitats. Students will also participate in weekly science experiments that encourage inquiry and investigation into the natural world around them. Students will participate in daily, fun-filled sports activities that promote gross motor development and coordination. Every day students will have a chance to utilize their creative energy through a variety of art activities such as Music, Sculpture, Dancing, Painting and Crafts. Students have the option of enrolling for the full term or for selected weeks.

Fees: 1,500 RMB per week (new enrolled student registration fee 664 RMB)

Tel: +86 (21) 6268 9773

Web: www.rbischina.org


Suzhou Singapore International School Summer Programme 2014

Dates: July 7-August 1(9 am – 4 pm)

Language in Action (4 weeks) for Grade 1 to Grade 5

This course is suitable for students looking for a fun and interactive way to learn English. They will be introduced to the principles of English language. They will embark on a journey to practice common conversational phrases, discover the amazing world of literature and express themselves as they delve into a variety of writing genres, creative art projects, role-play characters, hand-eye coordination and teamwork. Through listening, speaking, reading, writing, art projects, sports and games, students will develop an appreciation of the English language.

The daily activities involve students participating in 3 hours of English lessons and 3 hours of engagement in skills activities such as sports, arts, cooking or swimming, etc. An activity will be organized at the end of the course for parents to celebrate their child’s learning.

Intensive English Courses for ESL (4 weeks) for Grade 1 to Grade 5

This course is conducted for ESL students who want to learn English in an interactive setting. This course is designed to help students find achievement by applying the language through various strategies, thus enabling them to make a transition from the role learner into an autonomous learner. Students will engage in learning to develop their skills in reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, oral presentations and to build up their vocabulary. Through regular revision, integrated project work and group work during indoor and outdoor activities, students will engage in decision-making to become independent learners.

The daily activities involve students participating in 3 hours of English lessons and 3 hours of engagement in skills activities such as sports, math, science, cooking or swimming, etc. An activity will be organized at the end of the course for parents to celebrate their child’s learning.

Fees: 7,500 RMB

Tel: +86 (512) 6280 6931 (Amber Tang) or + 86 (512) 6258 8353 (Wendy Choo)

Email: summerprogramme@ssis-suzhou.net


YK Pao School Summer Camp 2014

Dates: June 30-July 11

All of the three summer camps – Putonghua, English and Activity Camp – are designed to develop each student as a whole person, while giving them an enjoyable, educational and healthy summer. Putonghua Summer Camp is appropriate for non-native Putonghua speaking students 5-11 years old with beginner to intermediate level Chinese. Activities Camp is appropriate for Chinese and International students 5-11 years old. Intensive English Camp is designed for non-native English speaking YK Pao School students 11 years old and above.

All three camps consist of an exciting roster of games, activities and excursions, led by our highly qualified Chinese and international teaching staff. All of the camps take place at YK Pao School’s centrally located Changning campus.

Tel: +86 (21) 61671999

Email: summercamp@ykpaoschool.cn


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