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Summer Camps in Beijing 2016

May, 2016
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The Children’s House Summer Day Camp 2016

childrens-house-summer-campAges: 1.5-6 years

Dates: 11 July – 8 August  (five weeks/sessions)

This summer, The Children’s House Summer Camp at its Kempinski Campus and China World campus will play in Chinese and English. The programs will help children build communication skills through sports, team games and activities as well as introducing camping and nature walks. Daily programs include nature arts and crafts, music, story tales and lots more.

Register before May 31 to receive a 5% discount. Registering for all five sessions gets a further 10% discount!

Tel: +86 (10) 6505 3869 or 6465 1305

E-mail: info@montessoribeijing.com

Web: www.montessoribeijing.com


AEA US Embassy Camp at International School of Beijing

Ages: 4 – 12 years

Dates: 27 June  – 5 August

The American Employees Association (AEA) of the US Embassy in Beijing has organized an annual summer camp for children of diplomats, expatriates and local Chinese children since 1997. This annual summer camp provides the finest American style summer camp experience for children. AEA is committed to offering children an engaging environment at the camp to encourage social, cultural and physical growth. The themed weekly programs are offered along with games, activities and crafts geared toward those themes. Transportation to and from camp is included.

Find out the prices and register at www.aeabeijing.net.


Global P.R.E.P Boarding School Transition Program at Hyde Academy

Ages: Grades 6-9 (ages 12 to 15)

Dates: 10 July – 16 July

hyde-academy-summer-camp-neubert-martha-pic-1-5Global P.R.E.P. is run by the International Admissions Director from Northfield Mount Hermon, Metta Dael and Martha Neubert, a Northfield Mount Hermon humanities teacher. This unique program is designed to help new international students prepare for their boarding school experience through cross-cultural understanding and special academic programs. It is open to students who have already received acceptances to boarding schools and who are focused on preparing as well as possible, socially and academically. Students and parents gather on the last day to share what they have learned from the weeklong, intensive program,

hyde-academy-summer-camp-metta-bio-picturemmd-2Venue: Hyde Academy, 2108 Gahood Villas, Hou Sha Yu, Shunyi District, Beijing.

Cost: The cost of the program is 10,500 RMB per student. A deposit of 50% is due at time of registration, with final payment due by 1 June 2016. 

Tel: 010-8046 3886

Email: registration@hyde-education.com



MIT STEM Courses at BSB Shunyi

Ages: 7 – 14 years

Dates: 27 June – 5 August

Established in 1992, the MIT Edgerton Centre continues the hands-on legacy of Dr. Edgerton by proving students with the opportunity to learn by doing.

The instructor Jonathan Schmid is the Director of Innovation & Technology, The Meadowbrook School of Weston, US. He won the 2015 MassCUE Pathfinder Award, issued to MIT educators who devote to improve education technology.

Courses include web design, 3D printing & computer programming. The program gives priority to the development of students’ science spirit and comprehensive ability, emphasizing a mixture of social values, Humanity & Arts, Information Technology & STEAM. It also emphasizes a combination of both intelligence & non-intelligent factors.

Venue: The British School of Beijing (BSB), Shunyi Campus, south side, 9 Anhua Street, Shunyi District

Cost: 5,800 RMB/week

Tel: 010-8049 0079 or 18601008488


BCA Modern Camp to Guizhou

Ages: 5 – 12 years

Dates: 2 May – 7 May

bca-may-holiday-camp-3Modern camp education is based on the theory and practice of pedagogy and developmental psychology. It encourages and guides children to explore themselves, develop potential, and find themselves. Beijing Collegiate Academy (BCA) is committed to providing camp education to realize the extension of school education with the purpose of cultivating children’s confidence, cross-cultural communication, independence, leadership, and service spirit.

Camp program: Guizhou Miao nationality culture and nature experience

Guizhou Langdeshang Village is a place surrounded by mountains and river, where Miao style lodge spread and mountain road in the forest. Miao people live there, whose ancestors have a history of more than five thousand years. Beijing Collegiate Academy will cooperate with local people and an outdoor activities organization to develop the program to provide an opportunity to kids to taste local life and local culture, to make them better understand the reality of China as a whole, and learn knowledge of Chinese minority. It is also a beautiful place to back to nature to relax and breathe.

Something particularly exciting about the camp:

 1. Live in local house and together with local people 

 2. Nature exploration and culture experience (dance, dress, music, dinner, handcrafts etc.)

 3. Task-oriented to make it funny

Cost: 7,750RMB per person

Tel: 010-5681 2563

Email: cherry.cai@bj.ccaschools.cn


Harrow Beijing’s Inaugural Summer Camp

harrow-summer-campAges: 5 – 7 years; 10 – 12 years and 13 – 15 years

Dates:  26 July – 5 August (Monday to Friday)

Spend two weeks this summer to help your child get a taste of international education. Students will improve their language competency and take part in a drama performance at the end of the summer program.

All of the Summer School teachers are experienced Harrow Beijing teachers. We will use the Cambridge University English framework to help improve each student’s English level and at the same time students will have fun participating in drama activities.

The courses of Harrow Beijing’s inaugural summer program are designed to provide outside students the opportunity to experience a taste of international education. The camp will help students improve their language competency and understand Harrow’s expectations and what makes a good student at international schools. It also provides project-based learning experience to the students. Students will produce and perform a play at the end of the summer program.

Cost: 14,000 RMB per person

Tel: 010-6444 8900 ext 6851

Email: Harrowsaturdays@harrowbeijing.cn


HOK Summer Camps

Ages: 3 – 6 years

Dates: 4 July – 8 July; 11 July – 15 July

Hours: 9:00am – 15:30pm

This summer, campers will be kept busy with activities centered on the theme “A Journey Around The World” at the Summer Camps of House of Knowledge International School and Kindergarten.

Children joining the camp will first get to make their own passport as there’re going on a trip around the word! What should they pack in their suitcase? Where are they going? They better explore maps and world objects. Then… off they go around the world, at each destination they will explore the culture, songs, language and food in a fun and captivating way using games, music, art, geography and science. There will be a whole host of activities to keep the children’s minds and bodies active this summer.

Cost: Full-day program at 2,200 RMB per week; half-day program at 1,350 RMB per week (without lunch) or 1,720 RMB with lunch. School bus service is provided at 200 RMB per week.

Tel: 400 650 7747 (Ms. Ma Xiao Wei, English, Chinese & German)

Email: admissions@hokschool.com


CISB Summer Camps 2016

Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) is proud to host and support an expanded summer camp program again this coming summer. Students of all ages can take advantage of CISB Beijing and overseas camps! Application deadline is 27 May 2016.

cisb-summer-camp-1Kindergarten Creative Camp

Ages: 18 months to 6 years old (as of July 1, 2010)

Dates: 27 June– 15 July; 18 July – 5 August

With CISB’s unique Creative Camp, children will enjoy learning and discovering. The program includes phonics/reading, creative English workshop, Chinese language/culture, arts and crafts, music, swimming (3.5 years old and above) and physical education.

Cost: 4,550RMB to 12,600RMB

English or 301 Chinese Enrichment Camp

Ages: 6 years (as of June 30, 2010) to 15 years old

CISB Summer Enrichment Camp allows students to improve their language skills while enjoying their summer holidays. CISB Culture & language classes will focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing, building vocabulary and pronunciation. The goal is to provide the opportunity for increased fluency for non-native speakers. Participants will be assigned to 5 different English levels based upon assessment.

Cost: 7,900RMB to 22,600RMB

English Drama with Performance Arts for Grades 3-10

Date: 25 June – 15 July; 18 July – 5 August

This program is designed for a group of people who basically has no prior experience about Theater, or for those who have a bit of idea. This Drama program will be taught by two instructors, Martina, an expert in Performance Art, and Caesar, an expert tutor in Improvised theater. Each of them will teach three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. The first 3 weeks will be the theme of Movement and Voice for all age groups. The second three weeks will be the theme of Physicality for Grades 3-6 and the theme of Living in Character for Grades 7-10.

Cost: 11,050 RMB for 2 weeks, 16,550 RMB for 3 weeks or 32,050 RMB for 6 weeks

The Intensive English Course for Grades 6-8

Date: 25 June – 15 July

The Intensive English course is tailored to students who hope to improve their English skills such as sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, strategic reading and creative writing. Those who are planning to take the SSAT test can take this course as an introduction to learn more vocabulary as well. Every day, students will write about different topics, read interesting articles and learn new types of grammar. Excellent stories will be posted in the study group or online for everyone to share, learn and enjoy. Those who are attentive and perform well in class will receive rewards as recognition and appreciation.

An experienced Junior English teacher will instruct this class. Everyday, the Junior students will receive 6 hours of intensive training in order to guarantee a satisfactory result, students are expected to remain focused in class, and finish all the assigned course work. 

Cost: 16,550RMB for 3 weeks or 32,050RMB for 6 weeks

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) for Grades 9-11 

Date: 18 July – 5 August

SAT is one of the exams that all of the high school students in the United States have to take in order to enter University. On average, students with a score of above 2000 have a higher chance to enter the best 20 Universities in the America. Apart from all the extra-curricular activities and out-standing school reports, better prepare for the SAT this summer so that students can focus on academic course work when school year begins. This class will be instructed by SAT expert tutor. Everyday, the students will receive 6 hours of intensive training on vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and mathematics, in order to guarantee satisfactory results. 

Cost: 16,550RMB for 3 weeks or 32,050RMB for 6 weeks



Daystar CASA Summer Camp


Ages: 3 – 5 years

daystar2Dates: 4 July – 15 July

Hours: 8:30am – 15:30 pm

Daystar Academy is offering the perfect summer camp for young children at its brand new campus. The summer program is designed to strengthen children’s confidence and speaking ability by participating in activity-based learning both inside and outside. The English teacher will help children study English through drama and speech, singing and some other funny ways, while the Chinese teacher will add technology learning into the class.

Venue: Daystar Academy new Toddler/Casa campus, Guan Tang (Cathay View) West Gate, No. 1, Guantang East Road, Chaoyang District


Cost: 7,000 RMB per session (lunch included); 15% discount for Daystar community

Tel: 010-6433 7366 (Alessia Wang)

Email: alessiaw@daystarchina.cn


Ivy Schools Summer Camps

ivy1Ages: 2.5 – 8 years

Dates: 4 July – 12 August (Monday to Friday)

This year Ivy Schools are offering 11 camps at its five different campus:

Creative Art Camps will be offered Ivy East Lake Campus, Central Park Campus, Ocean Express Campus, and Orchid Garden Campus. Science Shenanigans Camps will be held at East Lake Campus, and Ocean Express Campus. Get Active Camps will be at East Lake campus, Central Park Campus. And Chinese Culture Camps will be at Central Park Campus and Lijing Campus.

Science Shenanigans Camp has become a summer camp mainstay. This year’s focus is on saving the environment and going green. The children will delve into the world of hydroponics, botany, recycling and reducing waste. When they aren’t growing their own herb gardens, making their own paper and recycling plastics they will be taking a trip to a science museum for inspiration and on the second week of camp the children will host their very own science fair for their parents. Projected activities include; creating snail and fish habitats, constructing bio-domes and creating environmentally safe dyes and paints.

Get Active Camp is especially designed for children ages 2.5-6 years; campers can play all of the sports and games that they love. This is a place where kids can have fun, feel good about themselves, and learn the rules of the game. Children will learn the importance of cooperation and can practice being a good sport! Throughout the day, campers will spend the better part of their day playing sports such as soccer, basketball and bowling. A professional coach of American Flag Football will be invited to the campus and provide on-site training for both parents and children.

This year Ivy Schools offer two Chinese Culture Camps at two different campuses. One of them is conducted only in Chinese. It is for people who want their children to have an in-depth involvement of Chinese culture and be proficient in Chinese language; the other one will be conducted both Chinese and English. Children of both these camps will have the opportunity to experience the charm of traditional culture through different interesting, practical and age appropriate activities. There is a theme each week and field trips that is related to the themes. The topics include traditional art, traditional folk crafts, Chinese calligraphy, and children will make traditional snacks by themselves.  

Cost: 2,450 RMB/session/2 weeks to 7,200 RMB/session/2 weeks. 15% discount (20% for Ivy kids) is offered for registration before May 20. 10% discount (15% for Ivy kids) is offered for registration before 10 June.

Email: camp@ivyschools.com


Peide School Summer Programs

Family Tour to Taiwan

Dates: July & August 2016 

Cost: 13,800 RMB per person (for 20-student group)

Tel: 010-8047 2051 or 156 0012 7900 (Ms Li)

peide-summer-campLittle Craftsman’s Summer Workshop

Dates: 20 June – 1 July; 4 July – 15 July; 18 July – 29 July; 1 August – 12 August, 15 August – 26 August

Cost: 9,800 RMB (for 6~10-student group)

Tel: 010-8047 2051 or 156 0012 7900 (Ms Li)

The Roots of Chinese Culture

Date: July & August 2016

Cost: 9800RMBfor 50-student group

Tel: 010-8047 2051 or 156 0012 7900 (Ms Li)



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