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Summer Camps in Beijing 2015

May, 2015

The Children’s House Summer Day Camp 2015

Ages: 1.5-6 years

Dates: 6 July – 21 August (seven weeks/sessions)

The Children’s House Summer Camp at its Kempinski Campus and China World campus will play in Chinese and English, helping children build communication skills through sports, team games and activities, as well as introducing camping and nature walks. Daily programs include nature, arts and crafts, music, story tales and lots more.

Cost: Half-day program at 1,500 RMB per session; Half-day with lunch at 2,000 RMB per session; Full-day program at 3,000 RMB per session

Register before 31 May to receive a 5% discount. Registering for all seven sessions gets a further 10% discount!

Tel: 010-6505 3869 or 6465 1305

E-mail: info@montessoribeijing.com



The Learning Center Summer Academy

Ages: Middle and High School Students

Dates: July and August

The Learning Center, Beijing’s only American–operated tutoring center, has provided comprehensive academic summer courses in Beijing since 2004. TLC’s summer programs are now in their 12th year and offer a wide variety of exciting and engaging academic programs for native English speakers and second language speakers alike. This year TLC will be offering advanced academic programs to Middle and High School students in key subject areas (English, social studies, math, science and history), as well as several intensive exam preparation courses for students wishing to undertake SAT or SSAT testing with a maximum class size of ten students. 

Cost: Classes are weeklong and start at half-day: 2,365 RMB, full-day: 4,490 RMB with discounts for multiple week bookings.

Early Bird Discounts: 5% discount before 1 June.

Tel: 010-8046 3886


2015 CISB Summer Camps

cisb-summer-camp-21Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) is proud to offer its 9th annual Summer Camp program for students in Beijing. CISB Summer Camp includes our Kindergarten Creative Camp (18 months to 6 years old), Summer Enrichment Camp (6 years old (as of June 30, 2008) to 15 years old) and Summer Enhancement Camp (Grades 6 to 11). All three camps are open to all students in the Beijing area.

Kindergarten Creative Camp

Ages: 18 months to 6 years old

Costs: Half-day: 2 weeks at 4,300RMB; 3 weeks at 6,450RMB; 6 weeks at 12,000RMB

Full-day: 2 weeks at 6,500RMB; 3 weeks at 9,750RMB; 6 weeks at 18,500RMB

With CISB’s unique Creative Camp, children will enjoy learning and discovering. This program includes Phonics/Reading, Creative English Workshop, Chinese Language/Culture, Arts and Crafts, Music, Swimming and Physical Education.

Enrichment Camp

Age: 6 years to 15 years old


Camp 1: Math Science & Sports: 2 weeks at 7,500RMB; 3 weeks at 11,250RMB; 6 weeks at 21,500RMB

Camp 2: Equestrian & Golf: 2 weeks at 12,500RMB; 3 weeks at 18,750RMB; 6 weeks at 36,500RMB

Camp 3: Performance Arts: 2 weeks at 10,500RMB; 3 weeks at 15,750RMB; 6 weeks at 30,500RMB

CISB Summer Enrichment programs are designed to provide a very comprehensive and balanced curriculum for all students. Enrichment Camp allows students to improve their language skills while enjoying their summer holidays.

Enhancement Camp

Ages: Grade 6 to 11


Full-day Program: 6 weeks at 29,500RMB; 3 weeks at 15,750RMB

English or Math: 6 weeks at 17,500RMB; 3 weeks at 9,750RMB

The Summer Enhancement Leadership Program aims to increase Middle/High skills and knowledge in mathematics, literacy and leadership. Students attend for three weeks or for six weeks. CISB students completing the six-week academic Summer Enhancement Program may apply for completion of the mathematics or English programs in which they are presently enrolled at CISB. Students from other schools can improve their skills in mathematics, literacy and leadership.

Application Deadline: 29 May 2015

15% discount for CISB, ISNS and CCSC students


Location: 38 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125, P. R. China

Tel: 010-6465 7788

Email: summeradmissions@cis-beijing.com

Website: www.cisb.com.cn


Daystar English Summer Camp

Ages: 3-11 years (Kindergarten – Elementary)

Dates: 29 June  – 10 July; 13 July – 24 July

Hours: 9:00am – 3:30 pm

Daystar Academy summer program is designed to strengthen academic and non-academic English by participating in activity-based learning both inside and outside the classroom. This program is highly recommended to all new students of Daystar, as it will support their transition to school and the instructional system of the school.

There will be one excursion per session, and the schedule will be advised on the first day of camp. Possible locations include, but are not limited to, the planetarium, science museum, neighborhood parks, and art museums.

Cost: Kindergarten – 5,600RMB per session (lunch included); Elementary – 6,000 RMB per session (lunch included)

A bus service is available for an extra fee and is dependent on distance and space availability. Interested parties should provide a detailed address on the application form.

Tel: 010-6433 7366 ext. 8015 (Yuki You)


Daystar Elementary Bilingual Readiness Summer Camp

Ages: Kindergarten children going to First grade in fall of 2015

Dates: 29 June  - 10 July; 13 July  - 24 July

Hours: 9:00am – 3:30 pm

Are you concerned that your child may not be quite ready for Elementary School?  If yes, then this camp is for you! Your child will receive refresher courses in English, Chinese and math. In addition, they will get to experience what first grade is all about – having their own locker, sitting classroom style, etc. Recommended for all children entering First Grade in the fall of 2015.

Cost: 5,600 RMB per session (lunch included)

Tel: 010-6433 7366 ext. 8015 (Yuki You)


ucla-camp1Yale and UCLA Summer Programs at Harrow

Harrow International School Beijing is pleased to be providing a unique opportunity for students to experience summer programs in the US. The summer programs are run by Yale University and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). There are a variety of programs to choose from, including college visits, a California Experience, a New York City/Yale Experience, and Island Summer Camps. There will be a minimum of 12 students accompanied by Harrow staff.

Cost: USD $6,000 per student.

Email: lucywang@harrowbeijing.cn 

Tel: 010-6444 8900 ext 6117 or 6753


AEA Summer Camp 2015 at BSB Shunyi

bsb-aea-camp1Ages: 4-12 years

Dates: 29 June  - 14 August (7 weeks), Monday – Friday

Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Since 1997, The American Employees Association (AEA) of the US Embassy in Beijing began to organize an annual Summer Camp for children. AEA Summer Camp is an American-style day camp from 9:00am to 4:00pm offering games, songs, activities, field trips and more based on a different and fun theme each week. AEA has partnered with an American organization for their specially trained American Counselors that are flown in every year for the specific purpose of this camp.

AEA Summer Camp includes fun activities such as cooking class, arts, sports, theatre, and field trips to exciting destinations. A daily meal is provided and the bus service is complementary.

Location: The British School of Beijing (BSB), Shunyi Campus

Cost: $520/RMB3,380 per week (Early bird and partnership schools enjoy discounts!)

Early bird discount is available until May 31.


Please contact Victoria Seifert (AEA General Manager) at: 8531-4602/ 188-1171-7375

Email: generalmanager@aeabeijing.net

Website: www.aeabeijing.net


DDC Science Camp – Talented Program at BSB Shunyi

Ages:  7-12 years

Dates: Session One:  27 July - 14 August (Three Weeks)

Organized by DDC Education Centre, the DDC science program is specifically designed for talented and/or highly motivated students. All classes will be taught by US Certified & highly qualified teachers and content specialists who are experts in their fields in the US. DDC presents the most exemplary and engaging science program that includes thinking games, mathematics, neurobiology, creative design & constructions, public speaking & debate, Polyhedraville, etc. Taught in English, the project-based program uses hands-on experiments and investigations to engage each and every student.

With innovative ideas and captivating curriculum delivered by American award-winning teachers, students enjoy the utmost fun in learning, expressed extensive creativity and discovered new talents that previously went unnoticed.

Cost: 4,980 RMB/Per week

Discount is available for early registration before 31 May.

Tel: 8049 0079; 139 1126 8488 (English)


Location: The British School of Beijing (BSB), Shunyi Campus


2015 Etonkids & Beijing Collegiate Academy International Summer Camps Programs

bca-camp-21American Traditional Co-ed Family Summer Camp

Ages: 4-8 years (Day Camp); 7-15 years (Sleepaway Camp, campers can go without parents)

Dates: 4 July - 21 July

Cost: 28,000 per person (visa and flight ticket fees are not included)

Day Camp & Sleepaway Camp at Camp Speers-Eljabar, 2 hours’ drive from central New York.

The best way to figure out who you are is to go to a place where you don’t have to be anybody else. Camp Speers-Eljabar is very special, from the first moment in 1948 when they opened their doors. They were the first YMCA camp in the United States to have inter-racial campers. The camp brought everybody together, no matter where you are from, no matter what you do, and no matter your economic status.

The China program includes three pieces. The first piece is for the children from Monday through Friday to join other children in the Day Camp program. And they spend 9am to 5pm with other children, having fun doing all sorts of activities. The parents who come with their children have their own program; some of it will take parents to places around the campers, like nature hikes, the gray towers and shopping, etc. We aim to give parents broad exposure to the camp and nearby area. And there are days parents who stay in the camp and doing like sailing, horseback riding, outdoor cooking or hiking. So they get to enjoy the fun here as well. And in the evening, the parents and children can come together to relax or join the Sleepaway evening programs. During the weekend there’ll be family outings to Crayola factory and the  Space Zoo & Museum.

New Zealand Farm Adventure Camp

Camp at Lakewood Lodge, halfway between Auckland and Hamilton in Waikato

Dates: 1 August - 15 August

Ages: 4-13 years; 7 yrs and above can go without parents

At Lakewood Lodge, you’ll find an unforgettable Kiwi experience just waiting for you. Located halfway between Auckland and Hamilton in beautiful Waikato, Lakewood Lodge is an adventure camp and farm-stay perfect for a family group looking to get more out of their visit to this part of the country.

Lakewood Lodge gives your child a unique educational leadership program:

Self-confidence development with horse trekking, kayaking, climbing wall, twin flying foxes, and the Burma trail.

Self-esteem development with archery, Frisbee, golf, hoof ball, and cooking classes.

Team building with the low ropes challenge, Ultimate Frisbee, river challenge, horse team games in the arena and the Lakewood Amazing Race

Leadership qualities development with survival team challenges, problem solving exercises, and organizing evening events such as the concert.

Cultural experiences with a trip to Hobbiton  (as featured in The Lord of the Rings) set to learn the movie culture in NZ; Lessons at Lakewood Lodge in Maori craft and dances including the Maori Haka, plus experience preparing food, cooking and eating a Maori Hangi.

Families love coming to Lakewood Lodge because they have choices. The camp can look after children by teaching them exciting activities, while the parents experience outdoor activities, go shopping or sightseeing. The parents can leave their children in safe hands with Lakewood Lodge.

This is BCA’s second year running the family program at Lakewood Lodge.

Cost: 26,000 per person (visa and flight ticket fees are not included)


Beijing Collegiate Academy International School

Tel: 010-5681 2555

Email: ann.li@bj.ccaschools.cn



DCP (Dulwich Community Programmes) Summer Camps 2015

dcb-summer-camp-football-3Camps at Legend Garden Campus

Location: Dulwich College at Legend Garden, Gate 7, 89 Capital Airport Road, Shunyi District, Beijing.

Tel: 6454-9150

Football Summer Camp & FUN at the pool – Legend Garden Campus

Dates: 23 June - 14 August

DCP and The Beijing Kickers will run Champions League-themed football schools throughout the summer holidays at Dulwich College Legend Garden Campus. Each weeklong football school will include fun games in the morning to develop skills and teamwork, followed by small-sided matches in the afternoons. One hour each day before lunch, we will cool off in the swimming pool at either the Dulwich Sports Club or the neighboring Dynasty Club. Each week ends with a Friday Barbeque to round off a fantastic week of football!

All sessions will be held on the outdoor artificial grass pitch or inside the Dome at the Dulwich College Legend Garden Campus. Children should bring their own packed lunch.

Contact: Email Beijing Kickers at info@beijingkickers.com or call Ralf (13439525452)

Basketball Summer Camp – Legend Garden Campus

Dates: 23 June - 3 July

Falcons Basketball Club is led by Coach Hui Tu, a former player and coach from Leeds Carnegie Basketball Club in the UK. This camp will allow for all levels of players to improve their skills. The sessions will go through skill stations that include: dribbling, passing, shooting, a fast break competition, 3-on-3 tournament and 5-on-5 matches.

Lions Summer Camp - Legend Garden Campus

Dates: 23 June - 31 July

With this full-day culture and sports camp, children will have an unforgettable summer experience. Students will have multi-sports lessons every morning, including basketball, football, tennis and other games and sports. Each afternoon, students will experience oriental and traditional culture, including:
a. Powerful Kung Fu by the Chinese Kung Fu Master;
b. Cooking your own Chinese food; and
c. Enjoying traditional Chinese strategy games.

Swimming Camp at Legend Sports Club

Dates: 23 June - 31 July

Beijing Dragon Fire Swimming Club will run this summer camp at Dulwich Legend Garden Sports Club. Children of all ages and levels are welcome to learn and cool off in the pool. Dragon Fire Swim Club’s team of more than ten experienced and qualified coaches provide training and instruction according to FINA requirements.

If you are unsure about your child’s swimming level, please contact Kevin at Dragonfire on 136-0106-4534 before registration.

Tennis Camps at Legend Garden Campus

Dates: 23 June - 14 August

Rising Stars Tennis Academy is the leading high performance tennis school in Beijing. It is a US-based company that uses foreign and Chinese coaches in their coaching programs.

The coaching team from RS Tennis Academy will run tennis summer camps at the Legend Garden Tennis courts June to August. Camps are aimed at players of all levels (beginners to advanced). Each of the one-week sessions will focus on stroke production and technical skills, while incorporating sportsmanship and teamwork. Children will receive skills training, fitness and enjoy tennis games in a fun environment.

Camps at Dulwich Riviera Main Campus

Location: Beijing Riviera, 1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Jing Shun Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing. Tel: 8450-7676

Science and Air Craft – Riviera Main Campus

Dates: 23 June - 3 July

This camp gives children the opportunity to extend their scientific enquiry and questioning through fun experiments. Each session will focus on a hands-on project that the children can take home with them. Course price includes all materials.

Beijing Kickers Football Development Training Camp – Riviera Main Campus

Dates: 3 August - 14 August

The Beijing Kickers Football Development Training Camp is aimed at players born in 2006 or earlier who have just got back (or are newcomers) to the city from a long summer break and are looking to brush up on their skill and match sharpness before the Beijing Youth League kicks off. FA Qualified coach Ben Woodcock will be putting the players through their paces, focusing on technical skills and SAQ football related drills (SAQ= Speed, Agility and Quickness). The training includes technical ball training, SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness), tactical knowledge, and football fitness.

Each player will receive a training shirt and kitbag, as well as an end of course review card.

Contact: info@beijingkickers.com or call Ralf at 13439525452 for questions in this regard.

Little Ones Camp - Little Riviera Campus

Dates: 23 June - 3 July

This fun-filled programme includes singing, moving, creating and exploring through music, painting, crafts, water & sand play, and relaxing with story time.

Location: Inside the Beijing Riviera housing complex. Beijing Riviera, 1 Xiang Jiang Bei Lu, Jing Shun Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing

Contact: 010-84507175


House of Knowledge Enriching Summer Camp

hok_summer_camp1Ages: 3-6 years

Dates: 29 June - 10 July (two weeks)

Hours: 9:00am - 3:30pm

House of Knowledge International School & Kindergarten is hosting an enriching Summer Camp for toddlers and young children at HoK’s Quanfa (Shunyi) and Victoria Gardens (Chaoyang Park) campuses. Children will be kept busy throughout this camp with fun activities circling around a theme each week.

In the first week, kids will go on an underwater discovery, learning about the different landscapes, animals and wildlife in the ocean through arts, crafts, science, games, and more with the “Under the Sea” theme. In the second week, children will roar and explore as they go back in time and learn about some of the different dinosaurs that swam in the ocean, flew in the sky and walked around on land. Students will transform into mini Paleontologists as they dig-up dinosaur bones, go on a Dinosaur egg hunt and a whole host of other activities to keep children’s minds and bodies active this summer.

Contact: info@hokschools.com


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