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Students Create Sculptures on BISS Nanxiang Clay Workshop

March, 2011
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On January 10th, 18 Year 10 IGCSE Art and Design students from BISS (The British International School, Shanghai) Puxi joined the Year 10 students from BISS Nanxiang in a clay workshop work in clay and produce creative and imaginative 3D sculptures.

biss-nx-clay-daye589afe69cac1In the week leading up to the workshop the students were given a theme of “natural forms” as their inspiration for the “clay day.” They were shown power point presentations of natural forms and illustrations of ceramic artists who produce work in this particular style. Students produced a collection of ideas and drawings and brought them to the workshop to assist in the development of their work. Their design brief was to produce a container using the theme of “natural forms.”

At the workshop, students were given 10 minutes to produce a miniature clay sculpture. For many of BISS Puxi students it was the first time they had worked in the medium of clay. They quickly discovered some of the properties of clay and had great fun experimenting with the new media. Once the sculptures were complete the students moved on to watch a demonstration of the different techniques that could be used in the construction of their final sculpture. Slab, coil and thumb pot techniques were all demonstrated and whilst the students watched they thought about how each of these techniques could be used in the construction of their own work. The next few hours were full of creative activity with many students discovering a love for working in clay. It saw their initial 2D ideas being transformed into wonderful 3D creations and a great deal of interaction with each other took place.

By the end of the workshop students were amazed with their creation. The clay creations are being left to dry out for a few days before being placed in the kiln for firing at a very high temperature. Once fired, the creations would be transported back to BISS Puxi where they will be painted and displayed in school.

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