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Student Fashion Show for Charity

January, 2015
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1795818_583863008356321_266938688_o1The Student Charity Fashion Show has been one of the most popular annual events at the International School of Beijing (ISB) since 2009. The annual event is completely organized and run by ISB students. The show’s foremost objective is not only to raise funds and awareness for a local charity, but also to promote the creations made by ISB students. The 2015 ISB Charity Fashion Show is going to be held on campus in March 2015.

Students at ISB can participate in this year’s fashion show in a variety of ways, ranging from designing, modeling, managing, and working backstage. Designers get an opportunity to showcase their personal style and work with tailors to perfect their collections, while they are also kept up to speed by designer managers, who initiate subsequent check ups until the day of the show. Communication managers also help find prospective sponsors and publication managers advertise and find media sponsors for the show. Other managers also play vital roles in the show, including model managers, who train models and set model deadlines; treasurers, who are responsible for tickets; entertainment managers, who make schedules for MC’s and vocal performers; tech managers, who work on lighting; and the secretary, who keeps track of all managers. Other students that don’t have a role can participate as models for designers or work backstage on the day of the show.

1900506_583861178356504_1961699970_oOne thing that is great about the Charity Fashion Show is that all the students are excited to be part of it and everyone involved is extremely passionate. Erin, a Senior student at ISB, explains: “I wanted to join the Charity Fashion Show this year because I thought that it would be a really fun and interesting way to get involved in the ISB community. I’d also heard of Charity Fashion Shows before, and attended some when I went to HKIS in Elementary/Middle School. When I saw that ISB had one I really wanted to be involved – with the entertainment section in particular – which is why I interviewed to be the assistant manager for entertainment. I was interested in the show from the moment I heard about it, allowing me to make sure I could be fully committed to this project. So far this has been a really fun experience and I can’t wait to get more involved and see the final show!”

“The Charity Fashion Show is a fun and valuable experience for all students wishing to contribute to a worthwhile cause and gain leadership experience while doing so. We believe that the event generates awareness and funds for a charitable cause, and also provides a creative outlet for students to pursue their interests in areas such as designing, modeling, and managing, thus making it a great time for everyone,” adds Michelle Li. Michelle Li and Adriana Rodriguez are heads of the project and they will oversee the whole process.

1926053_583868891689066_392478216_oThis year, the ISB Charity Fashion Show will be raising funds for the Love and Hope Center in Beijing. The Love and Hope Center is a vocational school that allows local Chinese students to learn English and one day become dental assistants. The students are hoping to exceed the funds raised last year, which was approximately RMB 25,000. The funds raised will be used to assist the students at the center by doing the following: 

1. Sponsor vocational and educational opportunities for impoverished students.

2. Empower the students by teaching them skills in the field of dentistry.

3. Help the students understand the importance of education and its role in breaking poverty. 

4. Supply additional materials such as instruments that empower students by teaching them additional skills.

5. Use additional funds in case a crisis occurs, such as a lack of hot water or breakdown of equipment.

1799081_583866538355968_1788602030_o“We believe the funds that we raise will provide necessary resources that enable the students at the Love and Hope Center to receive the best possible education in a supportive environment,” says Kathryn La, currently a Senior at ISB and one of the managers of the publications team for the 2015 Charity Fashion Show. At present, La and her teammates are in the process of landing sponsors this year. Last year they landed brands such as Springfield, Only, Botswana Embassy gift bags, Angry Burger, PapaBubble, Hollister, and Element Fresh. The girls hope to land some of the same brands this year.

The fashion show would no doubt be less meaningful without the support from students’ families. Actually, families can help by donating money to support the Love and Hope Center, (where ISB students from Roots and Shoots come to teach English to local teens that aspire to become dental assistants someday), buy tickets and come to the show, help managers find sponsors, and help designers find fabrics for their collections and tailors.


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