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Sites - February 2009

March, 2009
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role model program

The Role Model Program

This San Jose, California-based community outreach organization aims to recruit role models for kids, guide the mentoring process and promote the sharing of positive experience. The reason we should all care is that they’ve been at it for 20 years now, with hundreds of volunteers on board and numerous special events throughout the year. In other words, they don’t just encourage role models, they are one!





Parents: The Anti Drug

Originating in the much larger National Youth Anti Drug campaign, this site has an entire portion dedicated to mentoring and acting as a beacon to youngsters. Look for the page on being a role model, which ties in to a plethora of mentoring tips – become involved, set rules, evaluate peer pressure and more. As the name suggests, the principle focus here is on countering the influence of addictive substances, but almost everything on hand is relevant in other situations, too.


youth music

Youth Music

Hailing from the UK, Youth Music takes the adage “music is food for the soul” quite seriously. Starting ten years ago, they’ve been working hard to cultivate talent and creativity among children and teenagers, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Youth Music’s RESPECT initiative offers mentoring by young musicians with the goal of keeping kids happy, out of harm’s way and on the path the greatness.



China Capital Toastmasters Mentoring Club

You’ll have to excuse the long URL down there, but this program is most pertinent to many readers, being based in Beijing. Actually, meetings are typically held at the Zhaolong Hotel, so why not head to the Gongti area and join them? The Toastmasters are world-famous for taking an active role in their communities, and Beijing is no exception. Take a gander at the site and see how you too can become a mentor – or benefit from a mentoring partnership.


great schools

Great Schools: Media Role Models

Go to the main Great Schools site, then search for “media role models”. You’ll come upon this most interesting and informative article, discussing the positive and negative aspects of exposing children to formats such as TV, music and gaming. There’s also a link to Commonsense Media, where you’ll get much more in the way of info on just how to manage your children’s media intake.


animal role models

Animal Role Models

Sure thing, animals can provide heaps of inspiration. Just look at how popular they are as movie leads. Anyway, we thought this article had a lot going for it. It lists seven animals as positive role models for humans, elaborating on why they were chosen. Some of the observations in here are truly entertaining and uplifting – who would have guessed puffins, wolves and salmons can be lifeguides? Go to ZME Lifetips and enter “animal role models” in the search engine.


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