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Sites – Sept 2009 - II

September, 2009
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Fun Brain

Let’s face it, all kids love to play games, so why not choose an online site that secretes education and the learning of wonderful things inside the fun? Fun Brain does just that, with a heap of colourful and educational categories for all kids – both big and little. Included is a Math Arcade, Reading section and information for Teachers, plus the capability of finding games by grade. There’s even fun blogs for kids in varying age groups. Ready, set, play!



Big Universe

Big Universe encourages its visitors to read, create and share children’s picture books online. This award-winning site allows kids and parents to read beautiful books from today’s best children’s publishers. Not only that, kids can actually create their own story online – learning all about the book creation process. And it’s all for free! What better way to enjoy the wonderful world of children’s literature?



Scarlet Teen

Using teen-speak, Scarlet Teen is a tell-it-like-it-is sex education site that talks to the teen rather than the parent, making it not only deeply informative but totally accessible. The information is straight forward, uncensored and touches on the ‘tough’ topics such as teen pregnancy, assault and sexual function, in an educational, informative and empowering way. Articles, resources, discussion and advice are the tools used to address questions and concerns from real life teens. Scarlet Teen is heavily policed by its contributors and requires registration to make comments.



Poisson Rouge

This stunning site is as addictive to ‘big kids’ as it is to little. Purely based on educational enjoyment, it’s also a great way to develop computer mouse skills in young kids. The site operates in English, French, Spanish and Greek, and its games require some lateral thinking (and lots of mouse swirling) to work them out. Go deep sea diving, explore the alphabet in another language, count to the beat of a drum, create your own music or be boggled by colour and pattern. Sheer brilliance.




Inaugurated by four women living in four separate European countries, Babyccino now has contributors from all over the world. More than just a ‘mommy blog’, the site features city guides to Amsterdam, London, Paris and Milan, and regular posts on all things kid-related, from shopping and travel to books and hands-on parenting advice and opinion. Lots of fun for the well-travelled [read: expat] parent.



Kids Health

Kids Health is a comprehensive site focusing on a selection of well-rounded articles geared towards three distinct groups – parents, teens and kids. The parents section features areas such as emotions/behaviour and first aid/safety. The teen section showcases themes like school /jobs and drugs/alcohol. The kids section includes ‘kids talk’ and how the body works, which features brilliant (and funny!) short films. The site is highly topical, current and perfectly geared towards each reader group. A wealth of excellent, informative and relevant info for the whole family.


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