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Sites – Sept. 2010

August, 2010
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 PBS Ready to Learn Reading


This colorful website is designed to develop preschool reading skills with activities for children and resources for teachers and parents. Children can practice different literacy building exercises through simple games. The premise of the games is an island carnival hosted by characters familiar to the younger set, including those from Sesame Street. Exercises will include rhyming, letter sequencing, reading, vocabulary, and phonics. Players earn tickets which they can redeem for prizes as they play. Adults will have to help young children navigate the site.






Judy Moody

The Judy Moody Website

Young readers who enjoy the Judy Moody books by Megan McDonald will be happy to know that the official Judy Moody website is just as much fun to explore. Visitors to the site will find games and activities in the “Way Not Boring Things to Do” section, such as joining the Judy Moody fan club, reading up on interesting Judy Moody trivia, and participating in a treasure hunt. Parents and teachers can access activity kits and guides that go along with the books. The graphics are adorable and the site is simple and clean. The best part may be the sample chapters of Judy Moody books available for reading under “The Books” section.


Wilson and Ditch

Wilson and Ditch Digging America

Back to school means back to geography class for many students. Those that want to learn more about U.S. geography can visit this educational website which gives a guided tour of the Unites States. Sibling gophers named Wilson and Ditch take visitors around the country in their van and share fun facts about each site and city where they stop. An interactive map allows users to track the cross-country tour. Short videos with real life footage mixed with animation are embedded in the site to introduce interesting places around the country. A small array of activities, podcasts, and games add to the robustness of this fun and educational site.




Hip-Hop artist Pharrel Williams designed this news and entertainment website for teens, with the goal of delivering news in a way that is interesting to this age group, without talking down to them. It covers diverse topics like politics, fashion, health, science, sports, tech, business and news headlines, with stories that reflect a teen’s life and interests. The news is delivered in an easy-to-read format and does not shy away from reporting on the serious issues happening around the world. It also features interviews with celebrities and people who have “cool” jobs. Blogs, video clips, and games complete the site. Currently, the site is inviting teen bloggers to apply for a blogging gig with kidult.


Earobics Gamegoo


Three levels of educational games give players the chance to develop early reading skills identified as important language arts building blocks. With their motto of “learning that sticks,” Gamegoo created different games to help young readers learn the basics of reading. For example, beginners can alphabetize bears so that they can ride a rollercoaster. Intermediate players can build bridges in “Monkey Business” to practice sentence structure, work on letter sound correspondences “Alien Scavenger Hunt”, or play another of the handful of games suggested for this level. Advanced players can play phonic games with Frieda the surfer, visit “Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle” to practice poetry concepts, or practice their spelling with one of several other fun learning games.


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