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Sites – Oct 2005

October, 2005
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PBS Online Nature: Alien Empire

Lo and behold, people eating hornet grubs and other insectoid delights while you cower in your room chomping on seasonal bores like turkey and moon cakes. For shame! Together with the scholarly geniuses at PBS, WNET Station have come up with a portal dedicated (or should that read desiccated?) to our venerable friends and immortal enemies, the bugs. It’s got some good info, a few choice activities, and links to other resources. Overall spellbinding, Alien Empire’s a better way to acquaint kids with insects than the annoyance of an ant farm.



Bob the Builder

Welcome to Sun Valley everyone, and to lessons in the importance of construction. And playing cool instant games. Bob the builder doesn’t have tool calendar girls and such, but instead deploys plenty of activities: coloring books, e-cards and poster prints. There’s also great, smooth presentation and a few fun games that got in the way of writing this feature, such as Scrambler’s Rumble and Muck’s Maze, all easy to pick up and seriously addictive.



Sports Illustrated Kids

Interest in sports is nothing new, but getting to know one’s puck from a wide pass can be taxing. Fret no more, SI’s here to help with a commercial site that, despite its obvious affiliation, compiles great heaps of knowledge, trivia and scoreboard updates with a professional design. Highlights include a huge sports-themed game section, fantasy leagues and authoritative, detailed info on each sport’s basics. A bit North Americano-centric, though, covering mostly football (NOT soccer), basketball and baseball, but worth a visit for its quality.



Learn 4 Kids

No listing can be complete without a gargantuan information and learning stockpile, and so we present L4K, aiming to enlighten children ages kindergarten to middle school, or junior high. Various avenues exist here, with a focus on interactive teaching of Spanish, but also helpful English grammar quizzes, science for beginners, book recommendations and another immense online instant gaming library.
The site further provides hints for parents and pointers on educational stuff you can buy, in addition to an online store that’ll happily accept your credit cards.


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