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Sites – Nov 2009

October, 2009
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global english kids

GlobalEnglish Kids

For Chinese parents keen to improve their child’s English skills, GlobalEnglish Kids may be just the ticket. Although you have to pay to use this site, it does offer a 7 day free trial, and the program appears to be worth the cost.  Presented in both Chinese and English, the site is aimed at children aged 7 to 12 – the prime time for second language absorption. Using an ‘adventure’ format to keep kids engaged, a wide variety of activities offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes vocabulary, conversation, grammar, speaking and writing.


Chinese Tools

Chinese Tools

This brilliant site is packed with everything you could need to foster a deep love of Mandarin. Beautifully put together, your mind will boggle from choice. There’s a Chinese/English dictionary, a synonyms thesaurus, a character dictionary, slang, Chinese vocabulary lists divided into subject matter, a pronunciation tool, pinyin and character editor, a Chinese annotation tool, written character practise, even calligraphy practise. All free. There’s even a section of Chinese words of foreign origin and Chinese dictionaries for languages other than English. Fascinating.


BBC languages

BBC Languages

This incredibly comprehensive BBC site provides a plethora of language highlights for anyone interested in learning a foreign tongue. Featuring an astonishing 36 languages, you can choose from audio and video courses, links to foreign language TV, weekly brush-up tips sent to your inbox, key language fact files, language self-testers, tips and ideas for those wanting to teach languages, and much more. There’s even a teacher’s homepage and for some languages, there’s sections on speaking ‘cool’ or colloquially – great for teens. And it’s free!


speech tx

Speech TX

When it comes to learning languages, we often take it for granted that children will coast through and pick up vocabulary and grammar sans issue. But what about children who struggle with speech – even in their own tongue? Speech TX is a site dedicated to kids who struggle with speech in their early years, offering speech therapy activities online that could help or compliment the care your child receives from a speech professional. Activities include actual language practise and also activities designed to stimulate literacy and comprehension.


mandarin tools

Mandarin Tools

English/Mandarin-speaking wannabes – despair no longer! This information hub website features enough cool stuff to get you on the language track. Mandarin Tools features a Chinese/English dictionary, a pinyin converter, a Western-Chinese calendar converter, Chinese counter, a character dictionary, Chinese numbers, macros for doing cool stuff with pinyin and characters, and more. Chinese flashcards are a wonderful way to learn the language, and these are also provided on the site (requires Java 2 and Flashcard). You can even get yourself a Chinese name!


enchanted learning

Enchanted Learning

This simple website packs a punch when it comes to education. The site is free but there is optional membership at only $20 a year, allowing you access to the entire site of 20,000+ pages. The extensive nature of this site covers such topics as geography, anatomy, animals and a fabulous language dictionary section for ‘little explorers’ covering 9 languages with wonderful interactive diagrams and activities. A must for teachers, homeschoolers and anyone with a love of education. Also great for fun at home and companion learning.


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