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Sites – May 2007

May, 2007
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Strange Matter Exhibit

Use all the free time your kids will now have on their hands as an opportunity for enrichment. Sure, dry academic resources may not be very apt for summer, but Strange Matter is the kind of learning experience the younger among us can easily relate to. The core principle here is physics and various phenomena related to the material aspect of things. Games show how objects can be manipulated,  made and combined, while the structures and components of everything from soda cans to entire forests are examined in fun detail.



Dole 5 A Day

Although a commercial site promoting Dole fruity products, this nutrition-related portal nonetheless gets the message across: it’s crucial everyone, especially kids, make sure to intake those all important five portions of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Here we have the usual entertaining mini-games, such as a Pac Man clone where players chase fruit all over the place, facts and figures about healthy eating and tools to help with setting dietary goals. The site will soon beome Dole Super Kids, so keep watching this space.




In a similar vein to Dole, Kidnetic also looks after the best health interests of children, adding exercise to nutrition. You can lay out some groovy dance moves, build a nifty lunch box for school or a picnic, go scavenging for healthy treasures and learn the secret recipes to some of the world’s tastiest treats. We really do advise you go and check out Kidnetic soon for its bubbly design and informative content that’s likely to delight even the most ardent rock candy fiend.



Keep Kids Healthy

Now this is a more professional treasure trove of health information and guides, geared specifically towards parents who want to know more about their children’s health. Access a whole host of medical pages and get in touch with healthcare professionals through the site, and make sure to read the seasonal sections for a complete summer safety to-do list. Then, head over to the symptom guide and immunization advisory schedules for even more in-depth coverage. With this site on hand, staying safe and healthy this summer is made easier.



Dot Come Women

Another superb mega-site for parents is Dot Com Women, which covers almost anything having to do with raising children. They have very elaborate summer safety and health pages, too, so head there for even more information and awesome tips. Current topics extend to designing swimwear for both mothers and children, building self esteem among youngsters for those days at the beach, and looking for the perfect family gathering spots. You can also go to the forums for a more personal sort of interaction with your fellow parents. Explore: there’s tons and tons of stuff in here!



Amazing Moms

Another site bringing together parents and children from all over is Amazing Moms, but fret no more: dads are more than welcome! Our favorite part of this compendium is the family game night section, where ideas for fun challenges in the living room hail from. But do no limit yourselves to mere leisure: make the most of the arts and crafts segments and go to it with summer-tastic activities like gardening and outdoor parties. Now this is the good life!


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