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Sites – June 2008

June, 2008
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Brainy Quotes – Optimism

Brainy Quotes is a favorite because editors there maintain a very even handed approach, allowing for cynicism and intellectual irony as well as more traditional content. For the optimism entry, behold a wealth of clever observations, many inspiring, a few a bit more colorful. But they’re all excellent food for thought, so don’t miss out.



Kids at Hope

This organization dedicates itself to the success of every child, no matter the circumstances, location or anything else. On their website you can find out what motivates the people behind the organization, and even how they can be of inspiration to you – they have some nice programs that involve motivational speeches, mentoring and of course community work and volunteering. You can even be their professor for a day this summer, offering your knowledge and stories to kids all over. 



Embrace the Future

The Resiliency Resource Center immediately presents itself as a good read and a valuable place to visit for parents and children. It’s part of the Embrace the Future family of sites, and has a lot to say about building self-esteem, confidence and problem solving skills, all the while stressing optimism and forward thinking. It’s all done by insightful writers and experts, so take a look when you get a chance – you’ll come out empowered. 



Just Give

Based in California, Just Give is a sort of portal that guides you in the right direction should you be interest in making a donation or volunteering for a particular cause. They’ve recently set up special pages for the Sichuan earthquake and Myanmar cyclone, and uniquely, have an entire section devoted to ways kids have been inspiring the ability to give and help others. 


just mommies

Just Mommies

Positive thinking is an asset that children need to acquire early in life. It may sound too good to be true, but once mastered, it literally makes a world of difference for them and those around. Just Mommies is a site built on the actual experience of mothers with a huge variety of real life situations, many of the articles written by moms who are also professionals in their fields – such as child psychology. 



World Volunteer Web

Launched in 2004, this organization is closely affiliated with the UN and completely dedicated to hard-working volunteers and the places where they are making a tremendous difference. Some 20,000 charity and humanitarian organizations are linked to the WVW, and as you can imagine, they have plenty of ideas on how children can start taking part in making this a better world – from an early age. There’s also a constantly updated Earthquake Diary with input from people on the ground.  This site is really all about hope.


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