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Sites – Feb 2008

February, 2008
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Teaching Kids Business

This completely homemade site could use better graphics and a stronger interface, but it’s still surprisingly full of useful tools and insights. You can write a resume, research possible business ideas, read business news and even experiment with model companies such as a lemonade stand. There are also links to business-styled games children can play online, and book recommendations for additional reading.



Internet Based Kids

This page is all about fostering that entrepreneurial spirit in young people, from garnering potential business prospects like yard cleaning and car washing companies, to a full parent FAQ on the ins and outs of having kids start making their own money and the positive effect this can have on their lives later on. In general, this is a highly recommended page for those working together with their children on the possibility of going it alone and taking those first strides in the world of business. 


young biz

Young Biz

This is a compendium of business and money-related knowledge, hoping to instruct not only on the possibilities for success through doing business, but also on the critical importance of growing up to be a smart consumer and a responsible manager of assets, funds and resources. To this end, Young Biz has a plethora of tools, ideas and tricks up its sleeve, such as getting started guides, online instructors and a catalogue of publications for further reading. There is also a UK-based version at www.youngbiz.co.uk



Young Investor

Formerly Fleet Kids, this fully commercial site by Columbia Management is nonetheless a valuable source of help for everyone from young kids to teachers. The main point here is investment and “playing the market”, with heaps of information on planning, understanding the world’s ever-fluctuating money markets and allocating funds towards various investment channels. The clear subdivision into sites for various ages, including parents, is very helpful, making navigation a breeze. 



Chinese Astrology Online

To finish this on an auspicious note, here’s a simply-presented but very competent resource for those wishing to understand the Chinese/Asian lunar zodiac and its various symbolisms. Want to know why this Year of the Rat can be your best yet? Wish to finally figure out why the rat is the first animal among the twelve? Check this one out, it’s not only very readable, by highly entertaining in a subtle, almost deadpan way. Adore the basic but hilarious visuals, and then proceed to find your very own lucky animal. It may take away some of the mystery, but we’ve already established that understanding paves the way to a better future.


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