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Sites – April 2009

April, 2009
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National PTA

We talked about it briefly in the books section, but there’s nothing like going straight to the source. Check out the official US National Parent Teacher Association website for a cornucopia of ideas on getting involved in your child’s education, inspiration for taking action and priceless insights accumulated over some 115 years and resulting in the great effort that goes into schooling all those millions and millions of children, worldwide.




We return to this excellent portal – which time and again comes up with the most pertinent articles. Type “getting involved” in the search box on the front page, and several results come up. Go to the “getting involved in your child’s school” for a multi-page masterpiece on the why, how and who of taking an active interest in your kid’s school life and performance. 



Family Education

Crafted by booksmiths Pearson, Family Education is another huge collection of knowledge and parental experience, with a good helping of advice from educators. Here, too, all you need to do is search for items on getting involved, and there’s quite a lot of it. Our choice is “getting involved with your child’s school”, which is actually a collection of articles on raising successful students, cooperating with teachers, setting realistic expectations and volumes more.




It’s been a while since we featured venerable WebMD, one of the first medical sites online, and they’re flying in to the rescue with a whole bevy of insights on handling school stress and alleviating anxiety – for both kid and parent! One big article caught our attention, titled Your Child and Anxiety: School Stress Starts Early. We seriously suggest you read it thoroughly, as there’s much to be learned. 




Funded by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, this magnificent site doesn’t espouse prolonged sessions of Star Wars-related entertainment for your child. At least not all the time! But clichéd jokes aside, take a gander at this one, they have a considerable body of work available to parents, all written by certified specialists and experts. For example, we got good results for getting involved topics, focusing on the benefits of parental involvement, helping teachers do their job, and the supplemental role of home schooling. 



Project Appleseed

This is the motherlode. It doesn’t get more parental involvement than Project Appleseed, a resource worth coming back to time and again since they update all the time. The project is a large scale campaign to improve and upgrade public schools, and they pretty much broke the mold after conceiving it, for it literally covers everything we can think of. You’ll likely need a couple of weeks to go over everything they have, but a few highlights include using facebook as an aid, understanding standardized tests, help with homework guidance, enlisting the community and learning by helping out. It’s quite boundless, really!


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