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Shuren-Ribet Principal Reflects on School’s Achievements

November, 2008
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Celebrating its 15th anniversary on October 19, Earnest Dailey can’t help feeling proud of Beijing Shuren-RShurenibet Private School’s accomplishment.

  The school was created in 1993 from a small private school. It was one of the first private schools in Beijing to do foreign exchanges in international programs.

  “We always taught in English. Now we are 40 per cent English in our bilingual school and 100 per cent English in our American school,” said Dailey, the school’s principal.

  The school has always had an English program. This year it started an all-English American school, where an American curriculum which follows California and North Carolina state standards is used and teachers from the U.S., Canada, the Philippines and London are hired.

  Shuren has placed 11 students in American high schools over the last two years. The school is not authorized to give diplomas yet, but it enables the students to go to American high schools and from there apply to American universities.

  “We have a good success rate,” Dailey said. “This will be the first year we have graduates from the American schools and they have applied to such universities like MIT and Harvard. They have had a success rate since they had been in the programs. We are proud of that.”

  In addition, Shuren students are also seen studying in Canada, Australia and London. 

  “We are happy about our accomplishment. We are growing. Hopefully we will be here for another 15 years to repeat that success story,” said the principal.

  Dailey has worked in Shuren for two years. During that time, the school had been building up the necessary infrastructure.

  He said he would like to see Shuren become a truly international school, with a student body of 600 or 500, and all the students obtaining their goals.

  “When students graduate from Shuren, they should have an understanding of what they want to do in life,” he said. “Our teachers can lead them to where they want to go, but they need to have an understanding of where they want to go, what they want to be, what they want to do … We expect that Shuren students could go anywhere in the world and be a success.”

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