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Shanghai HD Bilingual School: Let Your Dreams Fly

September, 2016
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0j7a9804e589afe69cac-2With the release of colorful balloons, the founding families and teachers of Shanghai HD Bilingual School, over 1,000 people, who stood in the formation of letters “HD” on the sports field, celebrating the grand opening of the new school in Shanghai on 26 August.

“Let your dreams fly!” – The balloon releasing session was arranged elaborately to send out this message. “The balloons can be compared to the dreams that each student holds fast. When the balloons were released, students’ dreams were lifted off like birds soaring up into the sky. HD students and HD School share the same dream to create brilliant achievements. The sky is not the limit; together we can inspire the galaxies of greatness and create a new chapter in the universe,” said Michelle Liang, the COO of Elite K12 Education Group, which founded HD schools in China.

Elite K12 aims to educate Chinese global citizens by providing integrated Pre-K to 12 education for families who desire high quality international education. Shanghai HD Bilingual School is the third HD school in China after the first two HD Schools opened in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in the past two years. Each HD school is unique and resourced to the highest standards.

0j7a8988e589afe69cacLocated in the Songjiang area of Shanghai, the new campus of Shanghai HD Bilingual School covers nearly 20,000 square meters and has outstanding facilities including a bilingual library, multi-functional theatre, dance hall, indoor swimming pool, outdoor athletic field, etc. It is exciting to know Shanghai HD Bilingual School is the first bilingual school to build an anti-smog inflatable gymnasium in East China, which will allow the HD kids to have quality PE lessons even during polluted days in Shanghai.

As the school motto says, “Education Creates Character,” Shanghai HD Bilingual School believes that Physical Education could cultivate students’ character of tenacity and capability of collaboration. Therefore, all HD schools try to provide students with high quality sports facilities, which is also the original intention behind building the sports dome.

Shanghai HD Bilingual School boasts a new dual curriculum which brings together the best of Chinese and international education.

0j7a9332e589afe69cac-21The Kindergarten program at Shanghai HD Bilingual School is based on the Montessori method of education. There are five main areas in the classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, and Culture. This offers a variety of works designed to help children develop their knowledge, practical abilities, language and social skills, independence and responsibility. 

The Primary School program combines the elements of international education with the domestic curriculum to form a blended school syllabus. The domestic curricula for Chinese and Mathematics are taught alongside the international curriculum for English, Science, PE and ICT. Both Art and Music classes carry the essence of East and West. Through activity-based teaching, small group work, a varied curriculum and an environment of encouragement, HD students are engaged actively in the learning process, helping them to develop the natural inquisitiveness towards their studies that will make them life-long learners.

0j7a8937e589afe69cacThe new school library supports classroom teaching and is central to HD School’s aim to encourage all students to be lifelong, independent readers. There are two collections in the library: Chinese and English, and each contain reference books, a large fiction collection as well as classic literature, poetry, short stories and biographies. HD students have two scheduled library lessons every week for Chinese and English and can borrow up to four books at a time. 

Shanghai HD Bilingual School is proud to have a team of professional and experienced teaching staff who are the best guarantee of quality education for the kids. The Chief Academic Officer, Academic Director and Executive Principals have a wealth of experience in managing bilingual schools and international schools. The international teachers mainly come from English-speaking countries such as the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. There is one international teacher, one Chinese teacher and one junior teacher in each class. Teachers will get to know each child as an individual, and they will offer personalized education for each child.

0j7a9447e589afe69cacWarren Johnson, the Chief Academic Officer of HD Schools, said all the teachers are well prepared for the opening of Shanghai HD Bilingual School. “A new chapter in the HD Schools story has begun; and this is an exciting development for teachers and parents as we seek to replicate the success of HD Ningbo School in Shanghai. Last semester Mr. Ashley Penny and Ms Eva Li, Co-Principals at Shanghai HD Bilingual School spent time in Ningbo learning about curriculum and the culture of our school. Penny also assisted in a review of the English curriculum, and through this interaction a new curriculum and textbooks have been introduced to both schools. During Teacher Orientation, teachers from Shanghai and Ningbo schools came together to learn more about HD Schools’ curriculum and approaches to pastoral care. They are now using them in their respective schools. During the first semester Penny will continue to support English teachers at both schools to ensure students have a high quality English program.” 

Creating a positive school culture for students, teachers and parents is part of the HD Schools’ approach to education. On the first weekend of the new school year, a friendly football match was organized between students from HD Ningbo and Shanghai schools. Students from the two schools competed and learned from each other in the games, while parents from both schools also had a friendly football match with the HD faculty. More colorful activities for HD students and parents are already planned for the first semester of the new school year, such as a Social BBQ, Montessori Workshop and Winter Bazaar.

Everyone is enthusiastic about the new school year and the new opportunities this exciting school has to offer.




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