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SCIS Student Shines in the Opening of International Skating Union (ISU) World Figure Skating Championship

April, 2015
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scis-ice-skaterThe date 25 March 2015 is a day worth remembering. Chu-Ting Chan, a girl from SCIS, skated onto the ice for the world to see at the ISU World Figure Skating Championship as a member of the flag team for the opening ceremony.

This event not only received much attention from the Chinese government, but also attracted the whole world’s interest. A reason for this is that since its inception in 1896 the World Skating Championship has never been held in China. This is the first time that the top figure skaters in the world have come to China to compete. Moreover, international megastars of the skating world like Evgeni Plushenko and Zhao Hongbo were at the event. For these reasons Han Zheng, the Mayor of Shanghai, hosted the opening ceremony that was broadcast around the world by CCTV.

The selection process for flag bearers in the opening ceremony was extremely rigorous and strict. It was no small feat for Chu-Ting to be selected for this honor. This event was not only over one hundred years in the making, but was also seen as a crucial test for China’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Chu-Ting was honored by being selected as one of the 36 flag bearers from a group of over 100 skaters. She had to train rigorously for over 45 days for the opening ceremony performance. Of course, for Chu-Ting earned this honor through years and countless hours of sweat and toil on the ice.

The local media took notice of the performance of the opening ceremony flag bearers. Due to the added camera attention and interviews, Chu-Ting made a special effort to make a beautiful impression while holding the flag high. The effort wasn’t lost in the print media. The trainer for the Championship Skating Club, Li Ning, went every day to observe the flag team training sessions and was moved to say, “Sixteen-year-old Chan Chu-Ting sprained her ankle in the first few days of training. Observers urged her to rest. Instead, she went to the hospital, got her foot wrapped in a bandage and went back to continue training.” This quote has not only caused her name to come up in Baidu searches, it also illuminated for the world to see how hard the girls on the flag team had to work.

Another thing worth mentioning is that after Chu-Ting participated in the opening ceremony, she also competed in the first round of the 2015 Beijing ISI Competition. Chu-Ting won the gold medal. This flag bearer from SCIS, Chan Chu-Ting, created some great memories for the skating world and looks forward to the Olympics coming to China in 2022!


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