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Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach at YCIS Shanghai

January, 2012
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Christmas Concert at Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, Gubei Campus

December, 2011
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Christmas Bazaar at YCIS Shanghai, Gubei Campus

November, 2011
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YCIS Shanghai Sponsors Roots & Shoots’ Green Cause

November, 2011
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A Big Question: What’s Our Role?

November, 2011
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I’ve been at Cal for almost three months now, and if there’s one thing I’ve discovered it’s that the students here all have something to say. The University of California Berkeley has been a center for political and environmental activism since its students headed the Free Speech movement in 1963-1964; students here have made a [...]

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IGCSE Distinction for YCIS Shanghai Students

November, 2011
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YCIS Shanghai Welcomes New ECE Superintendent

November, 2011
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Early Childhood Education: A Springboard to Later Success

November, 2011
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The big question that often concerns parents is “what is the appropriate age to enroll my child into pre-school education”? Are there such things as “too early” or “too young” to begin education? Nowadays, these questions no longer apply exclusively to parents, but are also being asked by the government and educators worldwide. They have [...]

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Terry Fox Run at Yew Chung Interntional School of Shanghai

October, 2011
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Back to School Carnival at YCIS Shanghai, Gubei Campus

September, 2011
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IB Results Display YCIS Shanghai’s Hard Work

September, 2011
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YCIS Shanghai IGCSE Results Pack a Punch

September, 2011
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YCIS Shanghai Accreditation Reaffirmed

September, 2011
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Where I am Now…

September, 2011
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About two weeks ago, I found myself in a puzzler of a situation. I was going to college. “What?” you say. “That isn’t a puzzler. You just go, right?” Wrong.

The entirety of my high school career was completed in Shanghai, at Yew Chung International School. It was a great experience for me: I learned a new [...]

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YCIS Honors Sports Achievements

June, 2011
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