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WISS Student International Award in the Philippines

May, 2017
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WISS Community Choir Performs at Carnegie Hall

May, 2017
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Wycombe Abbey UK Teaching Staff Visit WAIS Changzhou

May, 2017
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WISS Celebrates Reading Month with Visiting Authors

November, 2016
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As Beautiful as a Magnolia Flower

September, 2016
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John Cucinello, Director of Community and Service at Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), was proudly announced as one of the 50 winners of the Magnolia Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government on 7 September. Cucinello is now one of just 1,059 foreign citizens in Shanghai ever awarded with this great honor in the past [...]

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WISS Dance Company Perform at Hong Kong Disneyland

September, 2016
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WISS to Be Part of the Global Alliance for Innovative Learning

September, 2016
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TEDxYouth@WISS Inspires Audience to Open to New Ideas

July, 2016
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WISS PYP Exhibition 2016 Shows Exceptional Student Work

June, 2016
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WISS Celebrates Its 8th International Day

June, 2016
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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2016

May, 2016
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Summer Course of Amber Montessori School of Shanghai

Ages: 18 months – 6 years
Dates: 4 July – 26 August
Amber Montessori School of Shanghai is a professional preschool institution and a membership school certificated by AMS. The school endeavors to give children a unique experience of professional Montessori and a memorable summer. The enrollment [...]

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Climbing for Sustainability

May, 2016
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Mt. Aconcagua is 6962m above sea level and the highest mountain in South America, as well as in the Southern and Western Hemispheres. It is one of the famed ‘7 Summits’ and sees between 3,000 to 4,000 climbers attempt its summit each year. Last February, I was one of those climbers.
I had been dreaming of [...]

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Drama Expert Louise Clark Visits WISS

April, 2016
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WISS Hosts the North East Asian Mathematics Competition

April, 2016
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Winners List (Group II - 10-12 years) - LittleStar Short Story Competition “IF”

March, 2016
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GROUP II (10-12 years)
If I Miss_by Elena Jiang_10_International School of Beijing

Hear_by Hoong Ying Chay_12_Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
Paradigm Shift_by Emily Cheah_12_ Shanghai High School International Division

A Broken Man_by Mia Wu_12_Wellington College International Shanghai
X [...]

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