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Wellington College Holds the Third Annual Festival of Education

November, 2017
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Wellington Shanghai Welcomes New Head of Senior School

September, 2017
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Wellington College Achieves Excellent IGCSE and Inaugural IB Results

September, 2017
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Congratulations to Wellington Shanghai Graduate Elisa Dalle Piagge

June, 2017
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Elisa Dalle Piagge, High School graduate of Wellington College International Shanghai, is going to Queen Mary University London to study medicine.
Graduating from High School, I am very excited. I am about to begin the next chapter of my life, one that everyone says was one of their best, and I can’t wait to get one [...]

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Congratulations to Wellington Shanghai Graduate Joseph Hua

June, 2017
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Joseph Hua, High School graduate of Wellington College International Shanghai, plans to take a gap year while he decides his future education path.
Now graduated, I feel both a sense of sadness and achievement at the prospect of permanently leaving behind Secondary School life. Though I have only been at Wellington College International Shanghai for [...]

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Surviving Borneo! A Geography and Biology Trip for Wellington

May, 2017
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Wellington College Celebrates 3rd Annual Arts Festival

May, 2017
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Wellington Shanghai Year 7 Discover Healthy Eating through the ‘Fun in Food’ Challenge

May, 2017
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Wellington College International Tianjin Wins Cultural Award

May, 2017

Wellington Tianjin Presents Annual Musical Production CALAMITY JANE

May, 2017
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A Fresh Perspective at Wellington Tianjin: 21st Century Music in Concert

May, 2017
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Group I (9 years & under) Winners List - LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition ‘HOME’

March, 2017
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Group I (9 years & under) Winners List 
1st Prize Winner
A Sense of Home by Samantha_9_Shanghai High School International Division
2nd Prize Winners
From War Zone to New Home by Hayley Graham__9__Yew Chung International School of Beijing
Dairy of Elephant by Sula Ma 8___Beijing [...]

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Halloween at Wellington College International Tianjin

December, 2016
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WellingTEN Encourage Inspiring Talks by Students

December, 2016
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Discussing Education at Wellington College Festival of Education

November, 2016
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