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Young Musicians of the Future

January, 2011
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Who are the young musicians of the future?
The answer was found on the night of Saturday November 27th at the prestigious Young Musician of the Future Competition held at the Legend Garden Campus of Dulwich College Beijing.
25 top student musicians from seven of Beijing’s international schools participated in this year’s competition. The schools included: International School [...]

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New ECC Head at WAB

November, 2010
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Art or No Art? That is the Question…

November, 2010
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Teaching by day and creating by night, seven artists who teach in Beijing’s international schools teamed up for an art exhibition of their own artworks in mid-October, showcasing their talents beyond the classroom.
Titled “It’s All Art or No Art”, the exhibition at Cao Chang Di Gallery includes photography, sculpture, painting, mixed media and installations that deal [...]

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Gap Year Decisions

June, 2009
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Our whole lives we have been in school, school, and school. This is the place where we are forced to learn the building blocks to even more education in our future. We are put through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and now some of us are expected to go off to universities or [...]

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For the Soon-to-Be Graduates of 2009…

April, 2009
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 “College hit me like a slap in the face,” wrote May Wang, a 2008 Western Academy of Beijing graduate on her blog. “I came into college not fully prepared, with a limited vision of the future, kind of expecting this to be summer camp and then I’d go back to my former life….One month later [...]

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WAB Shares the Beijing Legacy with London 2012

April, 2009
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IB Students on IB

November, 2008
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Hannah, Dulwich College Beijing IB is very hard for me for a number of reasons. The amount of homework really takes a lot of time to complete well. Also, the new theories being introduced, such as TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) are a big jump from IGCSE.

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The Graduates Say…

June, 2008
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No doubt high school is where you learn to be who you are or at least the big foundation for that; so although I’m glad it’s over, I’m also sad to be leaving it behind. Growing up is so exciting, but there’s always a little snag about leaving behind the kind of lifestyle you’re familiar with.

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WAB a Bigger Winner in ISAC U12 Volleyball Tournament

February, 2008
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The Elegant First Step

July, 2007
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Rock in the Park - a big gathering for student bands in Beijing international schools

July, 2007
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Children’s Film Festival

March, 2007
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To most students like Song Ai Vee Song, video making is just “fun and funny”, or “the bloopers are great to watch.” Thinking of the Beijing Schools Film Festival which she and her schoolmates just entered, the year five student at the Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS) said: “We are a little nervous, and at the same time excited.”

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Visit to a Moon Bear Paradise

June, 2006
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It was the day I could finally go to see the Moon Bears at the sanctuary of Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) in Chengdu in Sichuan Province. Jill Robinson, the founder of AAF, was waiting for us at the gate.

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IB Programmes: Bringing the Lessons of the World and Life to Students

June, 2006
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The important thing about IB to understand is it is three programs working closely together as one whole program directly from education for 3 years of age up to 18 years of age.

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A Good Game!

April, 2006
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Fresh off the basketball court, Megan Ortwein seemed to have completely forgotten about her injured ankle and bowled her heart out with opponents and friends at a celebratory party. Just hours ago, her team, the Shanghai American School, won the championship at the ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) Basketball Tournament.

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