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Does Character Count?

November, 2012
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Does character count? Can it be taught?
These were the key questions raised by Dr. Hardin Coleman at a speech to a group of teachers and parents on October 29 at the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB).
The speech was one of the latest in the WAB Distinguished Speaker Series, whose theme is “Connect, Inspire, Challenge: Make [...]

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WAB Introduces New Assistant Principals

November, 2012
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WAB HS Graduation 2012

June, 2012
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Graduation Speech by Steffie Brader, Class of 2012, WAB

June, 2012
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When we were in elementary school, they asked us for the first time what we wanted to be when we grew up. We answered: pirate, astronaut, princess, or in my case, the best artist in the world. Everyone that’s met me knows my artistic skills are near zero, yet at that age, no one cared [...]

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WAB Student Awarded U.S. National Merit Scholarship

May, 2012
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If I See Myself (1st Prize Winner, Group 2, LittleStar Harrow Short Story Competition - Reflections)

April, 2012
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If I See Myself 
I suppose it’s time.
I brush a bit of dust off my black trousers, tug on the collar of my white shirt, and smooth out the front of my black jacket. Formal attire is the [...]

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WAB Hosts the Booey Lehoo Festival

January, 2012
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WAB Hosts the Booey Lehoo Festival

January, 2012
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Challenges Make Young Achievers

November, 2011
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Natasha Chang and Christina Arbenz, two senior students at the Western Academy of Beijing, accepted certificates at the British Embassy on September 29th for completing the gold tier of the International Youth Award (IYA). They are the first students in Beijing to achieve this prestigious level of the award.
The large audience that was present at [...]

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Make and Take at the 2nd SLN Library Symposium

November, 2011
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On the weekend of November 4th to 6th, the 2nd School Library Symposium was held at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS). More than 60 school librarians from all over Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Dalian and as far as Hong Kong and South Korea came to attend the event organized by the [...]

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WAB Students Receive International Youth Awards

November, 2011
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WAB Students Qualify as National Merit Semi-Finalists

November, 2011
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WAB Welcomes New Director

September, 2011
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Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands Visits WAB

September, 2011
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Unlike Frost

April, 2011
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It is just another Friday night. The Friday night he died.
The three of them are on their way to a party and everything seems normal simply because it is. They are walking down the street, bottle in hand, cigarette in mouth, smoking, drinking, smoking and drinking as if nothing mattered. They are as happy as [...]

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