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Taking the Lead in Learning

January, 2012
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My favorite teacher growing up in the Netherlands was actually from Detroit. He once told me the key to his classroom prowess was “a clean white shirt and necktie.” 
In contrast, “being a professor in a slick suit doesn’t make you a great teacher” says the University of Maryland’s Thomas William, a senior field officer who [...]

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Christmas Show at Shanghai United International School, Shangyin Campus

December, 2011
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Book Week Character Parade at Shanghai United International School, Hongqiao Campus

November, 2011
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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at SUIS: Preparing Students for New Challenges

November, 2011
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Vivian Wu and Wan Ting Chu were hiking in tropical Hainan with fellow students from Shanghai United International School when it happened.
Chu recalled lugging her hefty bag on her back. It felt like a sofa. After all, it was filled with the food, water, clothing, bedding and all of the other necessities needed for [...]

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Charity Drive at Shanghai United International School, Gubei Campus

November, 2011
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Athenian Wisdom – Productive Classrooms

October, 2011
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Walking through a local Shanghai school, I am drawn to a notice board featuring eye-catching cutouts of cherubic children. The board contains a simple phrase in both English and Chinese: “We are pupils, we are happy.” I am tempted to switch the order of the second “we” and “are” to form the question: “We are [...]

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Planning to Learn?

September, 2011
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Angelia Lai is a new teacher in my school. It’s Friday afternoon, at the end of a long training week, when we can finally catch up. I find her preparing her classroom. The walls are covered in shiny tapestries and the books are neatly arranged in student pigeonholes to be collected on day one. After [...]

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Time for a New Year Plan

August, 2011
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You: Realize that the summer holidays are over.
The months have never passed this quickly. It feels as if it were only yesterday when you finally absconded from the school gates, embracing the holidays, and yet you find yourself peering at the beginning of another school year. This is all too soon. You waste a few [...]

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Testing to Learn, Not Learning to Test

May, 2011
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As another school year is about to culminate in final exams, it’s interesting to reflect on the opening of Hard Times, Charles Dickens’ 1854 novel, set in an imaginary industrial city know as Coketown. The tale begins in a schoolhouse with a rant from the schoolmaster, Thomas Gradgrind:
“NOW, what I want is, Facts. Teach [...]

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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2011

April, 2011
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Stars and Stripes American Kindergarten Summer Camp 2011

Ages: 3 to 6 years

Dates: July 4 – July 29 (4 full weeks) Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 3:15 PM

Where: Stars and Stripes American Kindergarten
There will be two classes of students: 2-3 years old class and 4-6 years old class. At the camp, children [...]

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Leading Together

April, 2011
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Lisa Zhou, a Chinese mother of two, is the chairperson of her school’s parent association; a bilingual school with a strong international dimension. With the help of other parents, Zhou’s parent group has designed a logo for themselves that represents their approach to playing a leading role in their school’s culture. The logo features three [...]

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Talent Show at SUIS Hongqiao Campus

April, 2011
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SUIS Holds Maths Master Competition

April, 2011
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Follow the Yellow Brick Road - SUIS Gubei Musical Production

April, 2011
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Waka Waka Dance at SUIS Hongqiao Talent Show

April, 2011
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