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Winners List - LittleStar SSIS Chinese Story Competition “我 * 中国”

March, 2019

LittleStar SSIS Chinese Story Competition 全国中/外籍学生中文短文大赛

October, 2018
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LittleStar SSIS 全国中文短文大赛
主题:我 * 中国

No matter where you are from, now you are living in China. No matter how long you have lived in China, it has a special place in your heart. Tell us about China in your eyes, and give us your unique China story…
Short stories: 2,000 Chinese characters maximum (no minimum); the [...]

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LittleStar Star Schools Fair Shanghai 2018

October, 2018
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 LittleStar International SCHOOLS Fair SHANGHAI 2018
第 七 届 上海 国 际 学 校 教 育 展
10:00 am – 4:00 pm, 10 November 2018, Saturday
2018年11月10号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Grand Ballrooms I & II & III, 2/F, Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, 1116 Hongsong Donglu, Minhang District, Shanghai
Participating International Schools, Bilingual Schools and Kindergartens:
Academy of A-STEM
Adcote School Shanghai
American Apollo Academy
Britannica International School Shanghai
Concord Academy
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
EtonHouse [...]

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SSIS Launches Chinese Collected Work Footprint

April, 2018
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Shanghai Singapore International School offers IBDP Scholarship

April, 2018
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SSIS University Fair 2018

April, 2018
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SSIS Expansion Project - Work in Progress

April, 2018
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Getting the Most from the College Fair

March, 2018
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College Fairs are much more than an opportunity to collect colourful brochures about colleges and universities. They serve as a vital part of a student’s college research process. If done thoughtfully, students can discover unknown colleges, expand their college lists, get insider perspectives on everything from must take classes to quirky college traditions and begin [...]

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SSIS Farm to School Winter Harvest

February, 2018
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A Bite of SSIS at G6 Chinese Class Activity

February, 2018
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SSIS Alumni Arikawa Kinji: Studying in Shanghai

November, 2017
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 After studying at Shanghai Singapore International School for twelve years, Arikawa Kinji chose to attend the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University in Shanghai, one of the best medical schools in Asia. Currently, Kinji lives in the foreign student dorms.
The major he is studying now is Medicine, or MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of [...]

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The 6th LittleStar International Schools Fair SHANGHAI 2017

October, 2017
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LittleStar International Schools Fair
November 4th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2017年11月4号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
The Place, 100 Zunyi Road, Changning District
Meet All the Schools in One Day; and Find that Perfect Education Fit for Your Kids!
Education is a choice! In this 6th International Schools Fair, we present 40 BEST international schools, kindergartens, bilingual schools and extra-curricular enrichment programs in Shanghai. This is a [...]

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Outstanding 2017 IGCSE Results at SSIS

September, 2017
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SSIS 2017 Graduates Again Surpass IB Diploma World Average

September, 2017
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Congratulations to SSIS HS Graduate Melody Hsieh

June, 2017
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Melody Hsieh, High School graduate of Shanghai Singapore International School, Minhang Campus, is going to the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York to study Fine Arts.
I feel excited to proceed to my university because I am ready to accept new challenges and opportunities. At the same time, I felt sad to leave my [...]

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