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Rego Uses Kirby Swim Platforms to Teach Swimming

March, 2011
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Teaching Chinese at an International School

March, 2011
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Eva Xu is the Head of Mandarin at Shanghai Rego International School. She has been teaching Mandarin across the whole school from Nursery to Year 13 since the opening of the school eight years ago. 
We met Eva at the REGO Chinese New Year celebrations and talked with her about teaching and learning Chinese for the [...]

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SRIS Offers Fencing to Parents and Students

February, 2011
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Chinese New Year Celebration at Shanghai Rego International School

January, 2011
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REGO Student Council Hosts 2nd Christmas Extravaganza

January, 2011
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SRIS Opening New Theatre with a Grand Musical Play - Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish

December, 2010
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A Journey to India

December, 2010
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I must admit, India is one of the most amazing places I have been to: the animals, the food, the nature, the houseboats, the clothing and above all the kind hospitality given to us by our friends in India. We travelled with a small team of five students (Philip Decu, Alexandra Decu, Isabeau Heinrich, Ines [...]

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Rego Student Receives “Brilliance in China in CIE Business Award”

November, 2010
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Rego Students Meet Doudou to Help Mother River

November, 2010
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Rego International Award Candidates Complete Weekend Journey

November, 2010
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Rego Mid Autumn Concert Raises Money for Indian School

November, 2010
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SRIS Announces Excellent Secondary Exam Results

September, 2010
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Organic Garden Opens at REGO

June, 2010
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Students Taking Responsibility: Managing Our Library

June, 2010
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Since the opening of the new Secondary school library at Shanghai Rego International School (SRIS), there have been students involved in managing the library in one form or another.
It all started when I, as the Librarian at Secondary, formed an activity called “The Little Librarian”. The activity occurs every Wednesday afternoon during the normal school [...]

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INCO, ANCO and SENCO: the Special Educational Need

June, 2010
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Confused over some educational terms you hear your son or daughter discussing at school? Do you know what an INCO, an ANCO or a SENCO stands for? Or an I.E.P? Can you be gifted and talented and also have a Special Educational Need? What is a Special Educational Need? Is it the same as a [...]

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