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A LESSON Story Competition Group I (9 yrs & under) Winners List

April, 2018
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “A LESSON”
GROUP I (9 years & under) WINNERS LIST
1st Prize Winner
The Thinking Led by A Mosquito by Sula Ma_9_Beijing City International School
2nd Prize Winners
The Bully Incident by Madelyn Young_9_The International Montessori School of Beijing
The Big Lesson by Vanessa Gao_9_Shanghai High School International Division
Remembering [...]

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Group III (13-15 yrs) Winners - LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “HOME”

March, 2017

SMIC Private School Celebrates International Day

June, 2016
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SMIC MUN Delegates Debate in Beijing & Qingdao

April, 2016
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SMIC Chancellor Awarded by Shanghai Government

September, 2015
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Whole Stole My Tooth???!!! (3rd Prize - Under 9 years)

March, 2013
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One night at 9 o’clock, my little brother, Max, and I were jumping on the bed. Suddenly, he pushed me to the wall so I hit the wall and it hurt my tooth very much. I was trying to get my front tooth fall off. But my mom told Max and [...]

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Bonnie: The Head Girl Scout

March, 2011
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Bonnie Dalaroy will soon become the first girl in Shanghai to earn the Gold Award for the Girl Scouts. The Gold Award is the highest honor in Girl Scouts, followed by the Silver Award that she accomplished in ninth grade.
“I’m just working towards it this year,” said the senior at the SMIC Private School in [...]

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­TECH R’ US: Education and Technology in 2009

August, 2009
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As we move further into the 21st century, technology is everywhere around us. Nowadays, photographers and filmmakers are no longer working with traditional celluloid films and spending long hours on the editing bench. Instead, they are shooting digitally and editing online on their personal Macintosh computer in the comfort of their own living rooms. Social [...]

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