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SAS Hosts Earth Week on Both Campuses

May, 2012
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“REFLECTIONS” - Short Story Competition Winners List

March, 2012
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AWARDS CEREMONY for the Short Story Competition will be held at HARROW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BEIJING, Upper School Campus ON MARCH 31st, 1-3 PM. 
Group I (Under 9 years; 1-2-3-6)
1st Prize Winner
The Move_by Natalie Bramer_9_Concordia
2nd Prize Winners
The mirrors curse_by Alistair Hau Wen Wong_9_BISS Shanghai
Reflections by Nina Neumann_9_Dulwich Shanghai
3rd Prize Winners
The Tale of Four Elements_by Elenya Chuan_9_Dulwich Beijing
Aisha_by Jie Ling [...]

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Student Art and Music Helps Launch New SAS Alumni Book

March, 2012
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A Dream Come True

March, 2012
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Ever since I was a toddler, I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I remember the first time I took something apart; it was my grandpa’s bike. My parents did not get mad at me, but rather encouraged my growing curiosity. Later they bought me a plastic toy tool set from Black [...]

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10 Questions with Dr Yong Zhao

March, 2012
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The meeting with Dr Yong Zhao was on a rainy night in Shanghai when he delivered a speech to families of Shanghai American School at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong. In the 90 minutes, the author of the popular book Catching Up or Leading The Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization, which was [...]

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Keep Your Kids Safe in Cyberspace

March, 2012
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The Internet has become a major part of our world today, and more so, it has become a necessity; a sense of connection and belonging in our children’s lives. “Life would be boring without it” and “Technology is an extension of who I am” are common statements young adults make to express their attachment to [...]

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Super Spelling Bees

March, 2012
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What do the following set of words – hazard, graffiti, libretto, notochord, coffle, Fahrenheit, nurturance, iambis, aberrant, quotidian, tungsten, iridaceous – have in common?
Well, these were the 12 words that 10-year-old Katharine Wang of Qooco Training School spelled correctly to win her championship trophy at the 4th Annual Spelling Bee China Regional Competition held [...]

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Straddling the Culture Fence

February, 2012
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As I packed my bags and got ready to leave campus for the winter holidays, I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy about the days ahead. Although I would be returning to the same place I returned to every winter break for the past four years, it would be the first time I would [...]

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Kindness as Its Own Motive

February, 2012
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We are living at a time in history when genuine acts of kindness and compassion are limited by the fear of a lawsuit or even physical harm. Countless examples have been reported worldwide of injured people lying in the streets that are ignored by those passing by, fearful of [...]

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Community - Students in Action

February, 2012
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Christmas – New Year – Christmas…
During this time when we are all celebrating “Double Happiness” - a festive season filled with the spirit of love, joy and giving, LittleStar finds a bunch of teenagers in Shanghai who have learned that the greater joy of Christmas or New Year comes from the opportunity to practice generosity, [...]

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SAS Parents Publish Centennial Cookbook

January, 2012
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SAS launches iPhone App 2.0

January, 2012
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SAS HS Students Investigate Dongtan Wetlands Reserve

January, 2012
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Winter Concert at Shanghai American School Puxi Campus

December, 2011
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Make and Take at the 2nd SLN Library Symposium

November, 2011
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On the weekend of November 4th to 6th, the 2nd School Library Symposium was held at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS). More than 60 school librarians from all over Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Dalian and as far as Hong Kong and South Korea came to attend the event organized by the [...]

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