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Exciting Changes at Shanghai American School

September, 2015
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2015 Shanghai American School Seniors Retreat

September, 2015
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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2015

June, 2015
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2015 YK Pao School Chinese Summer Camps
Junior Chinese Camp (Day Camp, Primary Division)
Ages: 5-11 years      
Dates: 29 June - 10 July; 13 July - 24 July
Location: YK Pao School Primary Division (20, Lane 1251 West Wuding Road, Changning District, Shanghai)
This Chinese camp [...]

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Students from Shanghai American School Explore Costa Rica

April, 2015
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Winners List - LittleStar YCIS Short Story Competition “FRIEND/S”

March, 2015
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Short Story Competition "FRIEND/S" Winners List:
GROUP I (9 Years & Under):
1st Prize Winner
Angela with Straight Black Hair by Elena Jiang_9_International School of Beijing
2nd Prize Winners
Claire by Margot_9_Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
The Friendship by Daniel Sun_9_Shanghai American School
3rd Prize Winners
The Forbidden Underwater City by Marco Xue_9_Yew Chung International School of Beijing
The Friendship Story by Saga [...]

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2nd Prize Winner - Group IV - Reality

March, 2015
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In March, she woke up to a different reality. The sun, a copper-coiled light bulb, blinded her and suddenly she couldn’t see. Well, she could, but the world appeared…gray. Although the sun radiated, she could only see clouds. And not “cotton-candy” clouds, as her sister liked to say, but amorphous demons ready to precipitate chaos. [...]

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2nd Prize Winner - Group I - The Friendship

March, 2015
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The Friendship
Douglas was nine years old and liked to play basketball. He used to live in Memphis but now he moved to New York City because his mom wanted to live in an interesting area. Douglas had blue eyes and sleek and messy black hair. He had tanned skin and was very calm but could [...]

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1st Prize Winner - Group IV - Min-Na

March, 2015
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The day you moved from San Francisco to Milwaukee, or as you liked to call it, “a white trash city in the middle of nowhere,” there was rain in the middle of a bone-dry summer. Barefoot children danced flailing foxtrots on steaming gravel streets, my mother’s carefully tended petunias flopped about like beached whales, and [...]

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Now, I am Free

February, 2015
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The sun is scorching
Here in Nigeria, the heat is almost unbearable. I stand where the shadows can greet me, watching as my brother walks off into the distance.
I turned to my mother, curious: “Mamma, when can I go to school too?”
Mamma said nothing. She took one last look at the horizon, and scanned our [...]

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International Schools Fair 2014 at Shanghai Centre

November, 2014
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International Schools Fair 2014 - Shanghai

November, 2014
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International Schools Fair
Shanghai – 2014
November 8th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2014年11月8号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Atrium, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West
“Success happens not by chance but by choice.” Fortunately, there are abundant school choices in Shanghai for every expatriate [...]

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Winners List (Group 4/16-18 years) - LittleStar YCIS Colors of China Photo Competition

April, 2014
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Winners List - LittleStar YCIS Short Story Competition - ONE DAY (Category 1/ 9 years & Under)

April, 2014
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Winners List - LittleStar YCIS Short Story Competition - ONE DAY (Category 3/13-15 yrs)

April, 2014
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The Day You Grew Up (2nd Prize, Category 1)

April, 2014
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Wait a minute! Before reading further, let me warn you that if you do not have the stomach for it, then, stop reading now. 
If you are a parent or planning to be one (someday), then I suggest you take a paper and pencil and start taking notes  as what I am about to tell you [...]

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