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Home Alone: Repatriation after Graduation

April, 2009
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On May 26, 2007, 161 hopeful SAS graduates threw their caps up in the air and shouted with relief to be released from the rigors of IB, done with AP exams and moving on toward the next phase of their lives - college. College represented another stepping stone in life. In my eyes, it meant independence, more academic challenges, minimal rules and yet another move.

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International Schools and the Response to Intervention (RTI) Model

April, 2009
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At international schools, children are in a unique and sometimes daunting position. Most are living in a foreign country, learning in a second or third language, and have moved several times throughout their academic career. They are also attending schools with rigorous, college-preparatory programs. These factors are part of the expat experience …

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Parents Helping on Campus

April, 2009
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“The children are here eight hours a day and are away from home, so it should be a place they want to be at, she Abby. “I do believe that our involvement shows our children that we value their education, and the children know their parents value it, and teachers value it, and they really take it seriously.”

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Extraordinary Students

March, 2009
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 A recently online news report says Harvard professors and classmates of Obama all believe that Barack Obama was an ‘extraordinary student’.
"Obama was “extraordinary,” says Professor David Wilkins, but what really makes him so appealing is that “what you see is what you get.”
"The way someone plays a sport tells you a lot about what kind [...]

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Habitat for Humanity Helps Jacaranda School in Malawi

March, 2009
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SAS Hosts International School Theatre Association Festival

March, 2009
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Decision Day: Choosing the Right University

January, 2009
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Students and school counselors weigh in on how to navigate the maze of choices for universities and colleges
Christine Chen is one of the 160 students at Shanghai American School (SAS)–Puxi who are going to graduate this June.
Chen is an American of Chinese descent. Both her parents are from Shanghai and went to university here. But [...]

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Words from the Graduates of 2008…

July, 2008
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Bertha Natalia, Shanghai American School, is going to the University of Wisconsin and will major in chemical engineering.
  This was my fourth year being in an international school. I was very shocked when I first came to an international school because everything seemed so "Hollywood". I felt like I was in an American TV [...]

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Students Shine on the Big Screen

May, 2008
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10-year-old Merrill Froney from Shanghai Community International Schools (SCIS) and her younger sisters, Bayne and Scout, won the “Best Documentary” Award in the Elementary division at the Shanghai Students Film Festival (S2F2) with their first hit on the big screen – “Koi Fish with Dr. Merrill”.
  S2F2, the first annual Shanghai Students Film Festival [...]

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Shanghai American School Summer Camps (all the following):

May, 2008
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ACAMIS Badminton Tournament Sees SAS Pudong Campus Reach New Heights

May, 2008
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Teaching English as a Lifelong Journey

March, 2008
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  Asked what he enjoys most about teaching English for nearly 20 years, Jon Nordmeyer, a teacher at Shanghai American School (SAS) replied: “Thinking about how language works and how languages relate to each other- in order to help students develop their own voice in English. It is exciting to see my students do new [...]

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An Open Letter to Your Inner-Dramatist: Let Them Get out of Their Seats (Just Once)

March, 2008
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Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand. – Confucius
As Manager of the Performing Arts Center and a Stagecraft teacher, my day has the potential to take me into a variety of fields outside the  realm of education: public relations, accountancy, interior design, carpentry and [...]

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SAS Students Play with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

March, 2008
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The American Scholastic Mathematics Association Contest Ended Successfully

March, 2008
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