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LittleStar International Schools Fair SHANGHAI 2016

October, 2016
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International Schools Fair
Shanghai – 2016

November 5th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2016年11月5号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Atrium, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West
Meet All the Schools in One Day;  and Find that Perfect Education Fit for Your Kids!

Education is a choice! In this 5th International Schools Fair, we present 40 BEST international schools, kindergartens, bilingual schools and extra-curricular enrichment programs in Shanghai. This is a FREE [...]

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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2016

May, 2016
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Summer Course of Amber Montessori School of Shanghai

Ages: 18 months – 6 years
Dates: 4 July – 26 August
Amber Montessori School of Shanghai is a professional preschool institution and a membership school certificated by AMS. The school endeavors to give children a unique experience of professional Montessori and a memorable summer. The enrollment [...]

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S2F2 2016 Boosts Love for Film Among Young Students

May, 2016
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The Shanghai Student Film Festival (S2F2) 2016 brought students and filmmakers together for a weekend of sharing and learning during the weekend of 18 to 19 March.
Established in 2006 by four international schools in Shanghai, the event has now expanded to nine organizing schools. The 15 participating schools this year were not exclusively from Shanghai, [...]

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Shanghai American School Hosts Award Winning Authors

April, 2016
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1st Prize Winner (Group III) - If We Ever Blame Literature

April, 2016
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Years ago, humans read and wrote. There was always something to say and learn. The synonyms and antonyms, verbs and adjectives, modifiers and pronouns — this endless list of terminology and definitions built up, accumulating upon a mountain of words. Full of fantasies and fiction, the humans learned that they [...]

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Winners List (Group III - 13-15 Years) - LittleStar Short Story Competition “IF”

March, 2016
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GROUP III (13-15 years)
If We Blame Literature_by Dannes_15_Shanghai American School
Spirit of the Sakura Tree_by Kamilah_15_Shanghai Community International School
She Never Left_by Shu Min Tan_14_Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
The Casino_by Claire Lu_14_Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus
My Dearest [...]

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LittleStar Short Story Competition “IF…”

December, 2015
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LittleStar Short Story Competition
Theme: If…
Life is full of possibilities and surprises, and you never know how things will turn out.
Entry Requirements:
Short stories: 2,000 words maximum (no minimum); the title is not included in the word count.
Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and must never have been published, self-published, [...]

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Caged Bird

November, 2015
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The sky beckons to me.
Some days I can just feel the salty tang of rainwater in my mouth and the hair whipping in my face. It would be the freedom I have never known.
But most days, the reality of my confined life is obvious.
My eyes sting with unshed tears and the longing of what [...]

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International Schools Fair SHANGHAI 2015

October, 2015
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International Schools Fair
Shanghai – 2015
November 7th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2015年11月7号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Atrium, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West

“Success happens not by chance but by choice.” Fortunately, there are abundant school choices in Shanghai for every expatriate family [...]

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Exciting Changes at Shanghai American School

September, 2015
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2015 Shanghai American School Seniors Retreat

September, 2015
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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2015

June, 2015
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2015 YK Pao School Chinese Summer Camps
Junior Chinese Camp (Day Camp, Primary Division)
Ages: 5-11 years      
Dates: 29 June - 10 July; 13 July - 24 July
Location: YK Pao School Primary Division (20, Lane 1251 West Wuding Road, Changning District, Shanghai)
This Chinese camp [...]

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Students from Shanghai American School Explore Costa Rica

April, 2015
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Winners List - LittleStar YCIS Short Story Competition “FRIEND/S”

March, 2015
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Short Story Competition "FRIEND/S" Winners List:
GROUP I (9 Years & Under):
1st Prize Winner
Angela with Straight Black Hair by Elena Jiang_9_International School of Beijing
2nd Prize Winners
Claire by Margot_9_Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
The Friendship by Daniel Sun_9_Shanghai American School
3rd Prize Winners
The Forbidden Underwater City by Marco Xue_9_Yew Chung International School of Beijing
The Friendship Story by Saga [...]

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2nd Prize Winner - Group IV - Reality

March, 2015
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In March, she woke up to a different reality. The sun, a copper-coiled light bulb, blinded her and suddenly she couldn’t see. Well, she could, but the world appeared…gray. Although the sun radiated, she could only see clouds. And not “cotton-candy” clouds, as her sister liked to say, but amorphous demons ready to precipitate chaos. [...]

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