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Very Young Children and Montessori

August, 2010
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Montessori education is for the youngest child. Early childhood educators know that from birth, children learn from the world around them.
Montessori teachers know this too, and they have created classrooms where even the youngest children “learn” and receive more than simple “child-care”. Montessori classrooms are environments filled with love and security for all children, [...]

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Special Teachers: The True Essence of Montessori Schooling

June, 2010
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Over the 30 years I have been in Montessori education, I believe it is because of the Montessori teachers and the team of support people attracted to Montessori education that it is a truly special type of schooling.
Recently, I did an “experiment” with my staff at the Montessori School of Shanghai. I had done [...]

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What Makes a Montessori Classroom Special?

April, 2010
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There are many things that go into making a Montessori classroom. The most important things are the teacher and the “prepared environment” The teachers create the classroom, making the “prepared environment”.
Dr. Montessori spent 50 years observing children and came to know that both the teacher and the activities are linked. The classroom is “prepared” [...]

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Understanding the Montessori Philosophy

December, 2009
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It has become apparent to educators that the needs of children are both universal and timeless. The educational ideas that Montessori had 110 years ago seem fresh and relevant today for China and for the rest of the world.
A wise educator and Founder of the American Montessori Society once said, “In the future, the [...]

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Three Differing Styles of Parenting

June, 2009
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   Living in a dynamic and international city such as Shanghai, can be a challenge for families with children. International marriages can add another layer of complexity to raising children. Spouses come not only from different countries, but from different continents.
  Parents want their children to be happy, to be successful, and to do well [...]

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Parents Helping on Campus

April, 2009
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“The children are here eight hours a day and are away from home, so it should be a place they want to be at, she Abby. “I do believe that our involvement shows our children that we value their education, and the children know their parents value it, and teachers value it, and they really take it seriously.”

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