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MSS Celebrates UN Day

November, 2011
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Family Day at Montessori Schools of Shanghai, Xuhui Campus

November, 2011
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Family Day at Montessori School of Shanghai, Qingpu Campus

October, 2011
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MSS Welcomes New Academic Director

September, 2011
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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2011 (II)

June, 2011
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 “I’m Gifted” Success Camp at SSIS
Ages: 9 – 13 years
Dates: June 28 to July 2, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (last day 10 pm)
One major reason why many youths do not perform well in school and in life is not because they lack the capability, but rather because they lack the right mindset and strategies. Time [...]

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MSS Hosts Montessori SOS and FUNdraiser for Japan

June, 2011
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A Grand Day Out for Montessori Kids

June, 2011
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Birthdays are always such important events in children’s lives! The children at the Montessori Schools of Shanghai come to school dressed as Princesses or Princes on their Birthday. We often welcome their Parents too, because love and happiness are wonderful to share. The birth of a child is very special.
We also celebrate another special day [...]

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Choosing the Right School: Facts to Check

May, 2011
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I am not an international school parent; not even married yet. But, I surely spend more time and am more actively involved in international schools in China than most expatriate parents. This is not because of my job as the editor of LittleStar Magazine, but really because I like schools and I like international schools [...]

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MSS Expands Leadership Team

April, 2011
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Community Day at Montessori School of Shanghai Xuhui Campus

April, 2011
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MSS Dedicates Bonsai Tree to URBN Hotel

April, 2011
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Moms, Teachers and Montessori

March, 2011
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Three mothers who are also teachers at the Montessori School of Shanghai share with us their choice of Montessori education for their children as a parent and also their decisions to be a Montessori teacher…

Teacher Carole:

I found out about Montessori when I took a job at a Montessori school in the US. I [...]

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Learning Chinese Tea at Montessori School of Shanghai

January, 2011
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Montessori Memory

November, 2010
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I am the mother of two Montessori “children” and was a Montessori teacher. I am pleased that now, as the Head of School, I have two teachers who are also Montessori mothers! Many young women “discover” Montessori when they are looking for excellent and loving care for their children. As the child grows and learns, [...]

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Family Day at Montessori School of Shanghai

October, 2010
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