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International Schools Fair 2014 - Shanghai

November, 2014
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International Schools Fair
Shanghai – 2014
November 8th (Saturday), 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
2014年11月8号(星期六), 上午10点至下午4点
Atrium, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West
“Success happens not by chance but by choice.” Fortunately, there are abundant school choices in Shanghai for every expatriate [...]

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MSS Appoints New Campus Directors

October, 2014
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Discover Self-directed Learning and Teachable Moments

June, 2014
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The Montessori approach is child-centered and allows the unfolding of each child according to his or her own true nature in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition.
The phrase ‘self-directed learning’ has many different meanings, but the most basic idea is that a self-directed learner is one who is not only involved in but also [...]

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Summer Camps in Shanghai 2014

June, 2014
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WISS Summer School 2014
Dates: June 30-July 11
The two-week WISS summer school offers a unique opportunity for students to further their studies and to explore their passions and interests.
Academic Summer School for Nursery to Grade 7
Designed to enrich and complement the core curriculum, the Academic Summer Programme for Nursery to Grade [...]

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Christmas Performance at Montessori School of Shanghai Xuhui Campus

December, 2013
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Christmas Performance at Montessori School of Shanghai Qingpu Campus

December, 2013
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To Be or Not to Be, That Is the Montessori Teacher!

December, 2013
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What are the qualities of a successful Montessori teacher? There is by no means an exhaustive list, but the features listed below are a good starting point.
A successful Montessori teacher should:
Trust the Montessori Method. This can be difficult at times, especially when society has set ideas of what children [...]

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International Schools Fair Shanghai 2013

November, 2013
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Family Day at Montessori School of Shanghai, Xuhui Campus

October, 2013
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MSS Appoints New Head of School

September, 2013
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Montessori School of Shanghai Qingpu Campus Graduation Ceremony

June, 2013
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MSS Opens New Campus in Qingpu

January, 2013
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Montessori Advantage

December, 2012
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What is the “Montessori Advantage”?
It refers to how children in Montessori education learn the skills and embrace the goals that their parents and society value.
Montessori education provides learning each day that demonstrates that these goals and values are possible for children. Montessori education addresses children’s need, the expectations of parents, and the requirements of [...]

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Winter Festival at Montessori School of Shanghai Xuhui Campus

December, 2012
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How We “Parent”

November, 2012
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Our parenting style is a reflection of our parents. We either try to do it the same way they did or we try to do it differently. We either believe our parents did a good job or we believe they made mistakes…and we turned out okay in spite of them!
How we “parent” is a demonstration [...]

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