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ASA at JOY EL: To Develop Happier and More Balanced Students

May, 2018
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Battery. Wire. Light bulb. All set and ready.
In the blink of an eye, the light was on.
The magic of the invisible current entirely thrilled David L., a 6th grader at JOY EL International Academy, “I just can’t believe that I am now able to make sense of a complicated circuit diagram and succeed in my [...]

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Hi-Tech Classrooms Enhance Teaching and Learning

November, 2017
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It is beyond question that technology has changed our lifestyles, our young generation and the way of school education for them. Classrooms with high-tech equipment are now an essential part of many schools today.
Visiting the newly opened Joy EL International Academy in Beijing truly impressed in me how they enhance teaching and learning with their [...]

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Joyful Learning Starts at JOY EL International Academy

September, 2017
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Before the school year 2017/18 started, Christiane Adovelande, a mother from Republic of Benin, West Africa, wanted to find a more suitable school for her four children after 10 months in Beijing.
“Both Chinese education and Western education are good. The combination of both is what’s special in international schools here in China: you have the [...]

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Joy EL Parent Workshop Gives Advice on Good Parenting

September, 2017
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Joy EL Embraces the High Tech Environment

September, 2017
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Joy EL Teachers Take An “International Minds” Field Trip

September, 2017
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JOY EL Appoints Principal of the Elementary and ECC

May, 2017
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