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LittleStar “Share the Planet” Postcard Competition Awards Ceremony

March, 2012
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Your Child’s Development: Knowing How They Grow

November, 2011
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It can be heartwarming and rewarding to watch a child take his first steps or manage his first words, but what about the milestone moment when a child is first able to solve his own problems?
While many parents may practice caution when letting their babies independently discover the world, American parenting expert Dr. Norma [...]

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Summer Camps in Beijing 2011 (II)

June, 2011
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Summer Camp at BSB Shunyi
Ages: 4 up to 16+
Dates: July 4th to August 15th
Location: The British School of Beijing Shunyi Campus
The camp offers a range of activities, from sport to drama, and music to cooking. There are also language lessons and details of international camps on offer. All of the camps detailed are for different [...]

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Ivy Academy Hosts Annual Art Exhibition

June, 2011

Beijing Summer Camps 2010

April, 2010
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AEA/US Embassy Summer Camp at Beijing City International School

Dates: June 14 through August 6
The AEA/US Embassy Facilitated & BCIS hosted Summer Camp 2010 is open to English speaking children ages 4 to 13 years old. Programs include sports, arts, culture, weekly field-trip and lots, lots more [...]

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Expedition to “Planet Pandora” - Ivy Bilingual School Summer Camp

April, 2010
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Dates: July 19 to 30
During this 2-week long summer camp, children will be creating their own “Planet Pandora”. Activities will include: creating plants, animals and other creatures that might possibly on this imaginary planet.  On the last day of the camp, parents will be invited to an “Alien Exhibition” that will showcase the artwork created [...]

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Ivy Holds Kid’s Art Exhibition

June, 2009

Enjoy Summer!

April, 2009
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  Are you ready for summer? Take a look at some of the summer camps and summer programs in Beijing and you probably will find a more interesting thing to do…
IAB English Language Summer School
  The International Academy of Beijing (IAB) summer school targets children between the ages of 6 and 14. There will be [...]

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Ivy Academy Exhibits Children’s Art Works

February, 2008