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IAB Welcomes Dr. Phil Yang as the New Headmaster

June, 2012
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IAB HS Graduation 2012

June, 2012
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IAB Hosts First HS Dance and Social Night

May, 2012
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Elementary Easter Concert at International Academy of Beijing

April, 2012
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IAB Secondary School Musical Production - Blessing in Disguise

November, 2011
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IAB Secondary School Production - Blessings in Disguise - Dancing part IV

November, 2011
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IAB Students Cross China during Enrichment Week

November, 2011
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International Family Day at International Academy of Beijing

October, 2011
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IAB Has a New Look

September, 2011
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IAB Now Offers AP Chemistry

September, 2011
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A Summer at Bethel: The Joy of Giving Back

August, 2011
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When our mom first told us about going to Bethel for the summer, we thought it would be really boring. We would be two hours away from our house with no computer and no TV. We would have to eat Chinese food every day, and most importantly, no shopping!

Our mom, as a teacher at International [...]

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Spring Fair at International Academy of Beijing

May, 2011
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Spring Concert at International Academy of Beijing

May, 2011
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Summer Camps in Beijing 2011

April, 2011
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AEA (American Employees Association) Summer Camp
Ages: Children 4-12 years old
Dates: June 20 to August 5 
Where: Beijing City International School 
The AEA camp has been serving the Beijing Community for the past 13 years and is proud to offer safe, fun, and high-quality programs. The Camp staff is from the USA. Each week is a different theme with all activities [...]

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Choosing the Right School: And the Survey Says…

April, 2011
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“Every parent looks for the telltale signs: Is the teacher bright and focused? Are kids walking to class with a sense of purpose? Is there an excitement for learning?” - Davis Guggenheim
Choosing the right school for a child can be a difficult and complex affair. There is no doubt that schools exist for learning and [...]

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