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Rosemary Gosse: Teaching Kids and Training Adults with Montessori

November, 2009
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Following ten years of work in the IT sector with Northern Telecom in Canada, Rosemary Gosse decided to make a career change and trained as a Montessori early childhood teacher at the Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto. 
"My children were attending a Montessori school and I was fascinated by the materials and how well the [...]

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Etonkids Celebrates Grand Opening of Olympic Village Campus

November, 2009
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Etonkids Donates to International School in Ghana

September, 2009
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Etonkids Opens Guangzhou Campus

June, 2009
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Training to Be a Better Montessori Teacher

June, 2009
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  With the increasing popularity of Montessori education in China, credentialed Montessori teachers are in constant demand from newly opened and also established Montessori schools. International and bilingual Montessori schools need even more specialized, highly capable teachers.
  It is under these circumstances that Elizabeth Park and her colleagues from Chaminade University of Honolulu visited Beijing [...]

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Etonkids Celebrated the International Children’s Day at Chaoyang Park

May, 2009
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Etonkids Celebrates Huizhi Kindergarten Opening

March, 2009
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