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TWO CURVED FRONT TEETH by Cathy Tu, 1st Prize (10-12 Years)

April, 2019
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“I’ve already explained multiple times: the information that you saved is here. See? Isn’t this what you’re looking for?” Mother’s frustrated voice could be heard from Grandma’s bedroom. I slowly tiptoed to the bedroom door and peeked through the crack.
“No, no, no. This isn’t it. It’s the… you know… the…thing. What [...]

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WINNERS LIST__LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “NOW”__10-12 Years

April, 2019
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WINNERS LIST (10-12 Years)
1st Prize
Two Curved Front Teeth by Cathy Tu__12__CISS
2nd Prize
NOW by Pei Jin Zhou__12__SUIS Gubei
The Awakening by Samantha Jocelyn Poels__11__SHSID
3rd Prize
There is No Better Time Than Now by Karen__11__CISB
Concrete Road by Stephanie An__12__BIBA
Never Open Wide by Conrad Wang__12__SHSID
Complementary Prize
The Unexpected [...]

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A LESSON Story Competition Group II (10-12 yrs) Winners List

April, 2018
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “A LESSON”
GROUP II (10 - 12 years) WINNERS LIST

1st Prize Winner
A Golden Lesson by Hayley Graham_10_Yew Chung International School of Beijing
2nd Prize Winners
The First Lesson by Elena Jiang_12_Shanghai American School
Victims could be strong by Crystal Li_12_Concordia International School Shanghai
A Lesson About Determination by Amber [...]

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Concordia Tri-M Cabaret Raises Support for Music Education at Special Suzhou School

April, 2018
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A LESSON Story Competition Group I (9 yrs & under) Winners List

April, 2018
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LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “A LESSON”
GROUP I (9 years & under) WINNERS LIST
1st Prize Winner
The Thinking Led by A Mosquito by Sula Ma_9_Beijing City International School
2nd Prize Winners
The Bully Incident by Madelyn Young_9_The International Montessori School of Beijing
The Big Lesson by Vanessa Gao_9_Shanghai High School International Division
Remembering [...]

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Getting the Most from the College Fair

March, 2018
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College Fairs are much more than an opportunity to collect colourful brochures about colleges and universities. They serve as a vital part of a student’s college research process. If done thoughtfully, students can discover unknown colleges, expand their college lists, get insider perspectives on everything from must take classes to quirky college traditions and begin [...]

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World Renowned Folk Painter Joins Concordia as Artist in Residence

February, 2018
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Concordia Hosts Special Evening with New York Times Bestselling Author

February, 2018
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Christmas Concert at Shanghai Concord Bilingual School

February, 2018
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2017 Ed Travel China Program at Concordia International Shanghai

November, 2017
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Pink Out at Concordia International School Shanghai

November, 2017
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Concordia Nurtures Youngest Learners’ Love of School

September, 2017
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Concordia Athletes Begin Sports Season with Expert Training

September, 2017
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Group III (13-15 yrs) Winners - LittleStar CISB Short Story Competition “HOME”

March, 2017

College Admissions Expert Shares Tips with Concordia Seniors and Parents

September, 2016
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