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Tom Daley and Qiu Bo Visit The British International School Shanghai

December, 2012
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Excellent IB Results for BISS Pudong

September, 2012
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Outstanding IGCSE Results for BISS Pudong

September, 2012
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A New Principal for British International School, Shanghai - Pudong

August, 2012
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Jubilee Big Lunch Enjoyed by British Students in China

June, 2012
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BISS Brings Children’s Classic on Stage

May, 2012
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Top Award for British International School Shanghai Student

May, 2012
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BISS Annual Art Auction a Resounding Success

May, 2012
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“REFLECTIONS” - Short Story Competition Winners List

March, 2012
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AWARDS CEREMONY for the Short Story Competition will be held at HARROW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BEIJING, Upper School Campus ON MARCH 31st, 1-3 PM. 
Group I (Under 9 years; 1-2-3-6)
1st Prize Winner
The Move_by Natalie Bramer_9_Concordia
2nd Prize Winners
The mirrors curse_by Alistair Hau Wen Wong_9_BISS Shanghai
Reflections by Nina Neumann_9_Dulwich Shanghai
3rd Prize Winners
The Tale of Four Elements_by Elenya Chuan_9_Dulwich Beijing
Aisha_by Jie Ling [...]

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BISS Pudong Achieves Accolade for Its IB Program

January, 2012
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Theater in a Day

September, 2011
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The city of Shanghai is known for its fast-paced, often spontaneous lifestyle, as well as for its highly diverse culture populated by people from different parts of China and the world. This very same description can be applied to this past weekend’s debut of the internationally acclaimed theater show “24 Hour Plays”, produced and presented [...]

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Leading Together

April, 2011
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Lisa Zhou, a Chinese mother of two, is the chairperson of her school’s parent association; a bilingual school with a strong international dimension. With the help of other parents, Zhou’s parent group has designed a logo for themselves that represents their approach to playing a leading role in their school’s culture. The logo features three [...]

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Students Create Sculptures on BISS Nanxiang Clay Workshop

March, 2011
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Getting the Most Out of Your GAP Year

August, 2010
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When people hear the words ‘GAP Year’ they immediately think of freeloading teenagers stuck for something to do before university, simply wasting time by lounging around the house and watching television. But this just isn’t the case and it’s this warped image that I wish to dispel. My GAP year has left me with some [...]

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BISS Shanghai Celebrates Diversity for International Week

April, 2010
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